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Just got my labs back and need help interpreting. I will be going back to my rheumatologist.

ANA titer- 1:160
Pattern mixed, speckled and nucleolar

DNA Ab (DS)- negative

CRP, high sensitivity- 9.3 mg/l HIGH

Rheumatoid factor- <20 (in a previous test mine came out as 7 with high rage of 14)

Sed Rate (ESR)- 33 mm/hr HIGH (ref range is 0-20)

TSH- 5.45 HIGH (already take thyroid meds)
T3- 2.10 LOW
I know i need thyroid med adjustment

What do you make of this? My symptoms include joint pain in wrist, hip, ankle, shoulder/arm. Joint pain is not on both sides. Pain seems to have "flare ups" where it gets bad then over time gets better. I get hives quite often when I'm cold. Swollen fingers that comes and goes. Face feels puffy in the morning sometimes. Get stiffness when in one position for a while, especially late in the day.

Also, I want to mention that I had a spinal fusion surgery last November, and I still have some back pain from that. I take hydrocodone for pain when needed.

I'm making a follow up appointment. My rheumatologist previously diagnosed me with early rheumatoid arthritis, but I have doubts.

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