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Thanks both for your replies. I appreciate all the information. SleepyTee, the tests that were done via spinal tap were BORRELIA BURGDORFERI AB.IGG, BORRELIA BURGDORFERI AB.IGM, BORRELIA BURGDORFERI DNA, PROTEIN FRACTIONS.OLIGOCLONAL BANDS, TREPONEMA PALLIDUM AB, GLUCOSE and PROTEIN. All of which were normal, non-reactive or not present as applicable. These tested for Lyme, which they did a blood test for lyme as well, MS and something else. They were fairly certain I had lyme until those tests came back negative. They actually kept me on the antibiotic and had me complete them just in case. After that they pretty much just scratched thier head and said follow up with my regular Doc because they couldn't figure it out and had tested me for everything that would need to be handled right then and all was fine. Who knows. Just hope they figure it all out. The last time I seen a primary care doc he sent a consult to the rheumie to ask if they wanted to see me or could suggest any tests. The next day I was called and informed that the rheumie wanted me to go in and give some blood for tests. 12 vials of blood later I was worried if they had left me any. I haven't received all of the results from that yet, hopefully I will on Tuesday. Some of the results have came in and marked where I can review them but I see nothing that rings a bell with all of the anti-? tests that yall have mentioned. I know they tested me for CARDIOLIPIN AB, COAGULATION FACTOR VIII ACTIVITY, PROTEIN, HAPTOGLOBIN, ALBUMIN, ALPHA 1 GLOBULIN, ALPHA 2 GLOBULIN, BETA GLOBULIN, GAMMA GLOBULIN, F2 GENE.P.G20210A and F5 GENE MUTATION ANALYSIS, all of which were "normal". The only thing abnormal on the results for that set of tests that I can see so far is ANTITHROMBIN which was high, but only slightly and from what I can tell a high level of that is clinically insignificant. So who knows. Anyones guess is as good as mine as I am lost. I know there were other test completed that just haven't been made available to me yet so hopefully they are in by Tuesday and the doc has seen them. Does this sound familiar or significant/unsignificant to either of you or anyone else on the boards as either an indicator for or against a lupus diagnoses? Like I said none sound like the anti-?s that have been mentioned but I could just be off or that could be part of the tests that have not been made visible to me yet. Who knows. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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