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Re: Lupus? or RA
Nov 8, 2011

So far this is what I know:

From the below criteria:


1. Teenage "growing pains" - YES and even younger than teen years.

2. Teenage migraine - YES Headaches and cluster headache

3. Teenage "glandular fever" Not as such. but many bouts of tonsilitis and sinus infections

4. Severe reaction to insect bites - YES Severe hives break out

5. Recurrent miscarriages - Never been pregnant

6. Premenstrual exacerbations -- YES!!! Particularly with IBS symptoms

7. Septrin (and sulphonamide allergy) Not sure.. never had it.

8. Agoraphobia.. not so much..

9. Finger Flexor Tendonitis.. severe. Yes

10. Family history of autoimmune disease.. yes

11. Dry Shirmer's Test... not had this test

12. Borderline C4.. don't know what this is.

13. Normal CRP with raised ESR.. haven't had this test

14. Lymphopenia or this one

I am scared now. Moving overseas in a week. don't get to london for 5 weeks.. can't see a rheumy til then.


I also get coldsores in my nose and on my mouth and UTI's. I am getting married in 4 weeks and am so uncomfortable I can't think straight. I have been tested for endemetriosis but they couldn't confirm either way as ultrasound was inconclusive. I have a family history of RA and dairy allergy (which I don't eat).. also my cousin on the same side can't have children and is having similar symptoms. I'm starting to freak a little.

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