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I'm trying to help my mom who has lupus and most recently started having an ear problem.

She has had lupus for a couple years now but for the most part she is doing really well and has been able to take less medicine at each doctor's visit. For the last 6 months she has been dealing with a problem with one ear. It is very congested. Her lupus doctor didn't think it was lupus related and sent her to an allergy specialist. The specialist has started her on allergy shots and told her to totally change her diet (gluten free, no dairy, very restrictive). She hasn't had much success with it getting better since all these changes were made. Some days are good but nothing that lasts more then a day or 2. They told her that her allergy shots have to be adapted because of her lupus which is why it isn't going to make a big difference in the beginning.

I would really like to be able to help her to get a handle on this since she feels like she has to live in a bubble now to avoid the sun (lupus reasons) and now the outdoors totally because of allergy reasons.

I truly appreciate any information that anyone might be able to share.

Thank you.
It is possible for lupus to attack the ears. I have not been diagnosed with lupus yet, but my ENT suspects it. I have had hearing loss and congestion in one ear since August. I finally had an MRI, and it showed Mastoiditis. It have tried many treatments, but so far the thing that has helped the most is having a tube put in. It has equalized some of the pressure. They started out telling me it was allergies, but allergy medications did nothing. I hope she gets some answers.

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