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Elegantgi, I read about microhematuria. Looks to be another "fuzzy" finding (bet you're tired of those). One article said it's "normal" to have micro amounts of blood in urine (vs. "gross" hematuria); another said it's not. Tests seem "not specific", so many physicians don't routinely test for it. Causes seem to range widely, including bladder cancer (rare), infections, stones, polycystic kidneys, even EXERCISE! Articles also distinguish between symptomatic vs. asymptomatic.

I'd completely forgotten my own findings years back. I had episodic urinary problems = frequency, urgency, and pain, yet didn't test positive for UTI's. One urologist suspected Interstitial Cystitis (also autoimmune), but never called for the BIG test (it's a knock-out test, because it would be too painful otherwise). But instead it turned out that I was forming very tiny stones, most of which I must have passed, until one ugly episode of total blockage (severe pain, total inability to urinate, repeated vomiting).

Hope there are some possible questions & thoughts in the above. A final thought: I wonder if people with hypothyroidism are in any way more prone to microhematuria? I only wonder that because, at this point, you're 100% sure of the hypothyroidism. More warm wishes, Vee

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