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Hi All,

I have had lupus for 13-14 years, very well controlled after the first few years. No organ damage. However, during the past year and a half, my platelet count has dropped gradually from 100,000 to 55,000. I feel fine. Sometimes some bruising, but no nosebleeds or bleeding gums. My rheumatologist referred me to a hematologist. He did some blood work, and ordered an ultrasound of my spleen. I do not have any results for either yet. My question is that the hematologist said if nothing shows on the blood tests or the ultrasound, he would do a bone marrow biopsy. I told him this is not an option. I asked him about antibodies perhaps destroying my platelets, and he said that would be the last choice "on the list." I did not feel comfortable with him. He has only practiced hematology for 8 years, and personally I do not feel he knows that much about lupus. I am not going to undergo any invasive procedures, especially because I feel very well. Energy level is good, weight is stable, no aches or pains. I would like to hear from anyone if they have had this same issue. Thank you so much.:confused::confused:

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