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well where to begin... After a year of dealing with an unknown illness I am both terrified and depressed. I figured I would give the online universe a shot and hope that there is someone out there who may be able to help me :(

About a year ago I started getting strange cramping in my abdominal region , didn't think much of it until it became bad enough that I would keel over at work and have to go sit down from the pain. After a few visits to the walk in clinic I was prescribed anti acids being told it was heartburn. I had a feeling this was way off as I have suffered from heartburn most of my life and I know the pain I was experiencing was completely different. After a few months of futile clinic visits my nightmare truly began. I started getting a laundry list of new symptoms that were not just in my abdominal region. I started experiencing Fatigue , Weight loss , sever headaches , aching ribs , full body muscle and joint pain.

I was terrified. Pain became so bad that I started going to Emergency walk in centers at local hospitals. Unfortunately because I had so many symptoms it became hard for emerg teams to diagnose me. Over several visits I did have a Chest Xray , ultrasound , and blood work taken that turned up no results. I made a visit to my family doctor and he decided to hook me up with a Gastro entomologist (wich I would not see for months to come)

Around this time a new symptom made itself known to me. When I woke up in the morning I noticed all over my arms chest and abdominal areas I had very strange splotchy skin discoloration. not very bright but definitely there

during one of my visits to emergency I finally was hooked up with a doctor that became very concerned what was going on with me. she hooked me up with a doctor out of emergency that could spend more time trying to find out a diagnosis... After doing a physical exam and taking blood work I received a phone call from the doctor two days later. I was told that they had done an ANA (anti nuclear antibody) test and that my levels were very elevated and that there was a good chance I could be suffering from an immune system disorder like lupus.

I was referred to a Reumotoligist. After a few visits I was given a few different medications over time to see if it helped (Naproxen & Cymbalta) unfortunately the only thing that accomplished is breaking my bank account. After awhile I went to see the gastro entomologist that my family doctor told me to see and he was pretty confident I had lupus and prescribed me Prednisone steroids to see if it would help. I took them for about a week and not much seemed to help . When I went back to see my Reumotolisit specialist she did NOT want me taking those and took me back off them.

This is where I stand now , Last week I was up all night with a severe migraine headache. by the early hours of the morning it got so bad that I took a shower to try and make me feel better. While I was in the shower my vision whited out I became very nausious and vomited. After months of using the drugs with no effect I have stopped taking them. I still am experiencing all of my symptoms but what gives me the most concern is my headaches , random sharp pressure pains all over my ribs and intestinal region , and the strange splotchy red areas that appear all over my body..

This has been one of the hardest years of my life , I am only 23 years old and I feel like I am making no real progress in finding out what ails me. In total I have had a Heart cardiogram , chest xray , catscan , numerous blood work tests but still turning up no results. I do however have a ANA that is apparently almost three times what it should be so the doctors know there is something wrong they just dont know what.

I hope there someone is out there that may be able to provide some insight as to what might be doing this to me, I am incredibly frustrated and scared and just wish I could feel better :(

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