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Hi everyone,

I would love your insight on what you think is going on with's some history:

* Two bouts of bronchitis back to back in April (given two types of antibiotics both times)
* In late May, started experiencing numbness/tingling that moved around arbitrarily (face, neck, scalp, arms, legs, back, etc...for minutes at a time)
* No other physical symptoms
* Tumor/stroke/MS ruled out with MRI
* Blood tests all normal except slightly low Vit D, 20 sedimentary rate (trace), and 1:160 positive ANA
* Kidney, liver, CBC, metabolics all normal

My rheumatologist examined me and said lupus was highly unlikely due to the fact that I have no physical symptoms associated with lupus. Thought the parasthesia was due to hormone levels adjusting (had a baby last year & just weaned off breastfeeding).

He, along with another Rheum I was scheduled to see, had me do a lupus panel just to rule out lupus. His tests haven't come back yet but hers did - ANA jumped to 1:1280 but everything else was normal. I did have a cold when I took that test. Now I'm curious to see how his tests will come back - will they show the higher titer # or be lower since I was getting over my cold when I took his test.

Could a cold virus make my ANA titer number shoot up that high? What's puzzling is that everything else - physical symptoms & blood tests - are normal.

Would love your thoughts on what this could all mean....

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