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Thanks, sometimes I wonder about the some of the doctors. If anyone has any recommendations for a Rheumatologist in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ it would be helpful.

In addition to the stuff going on with my face I get a rash on my chest (basically to my neckline) that comes and goes. It is more bumpy and does not itch. My face looks more of a deep flushing or a sunburn (I avoid sun shouldn't be a burn) and that at least lately it sometimes goes away after I cool off. And I know one time was definitely heat exhaustion. Most of the time I don't even know it's there, but sometime it does itch. I also get a spot above one of my eyebrows that comes and goes it looks more like a liver spot. Sometimes is will start to peel.
I recall my PCP testing my throid years ago because I was so tired and she said it was fine. I could not find anything where anti-ro or anti -la were tested.

1998 Blood Test
Positive ANA with 1:1280 titer and Speck Pattern
Native-DNA Negative
Antigen AB Sm & RNP both Negative
Sjogren's SS-A & SS-B both Negative
RA Factor 20.0
C3 Complement 98
C4 Complement 18.3
SCL-70 Antibody Indeterminate
Anti-Centromere Antibody Negative

2001 Blood Test
Positive with 1:640 titer and Homogeneous Pattetrn
Anti-Sm & Anti-RNP both negative
DNA Ab Negative
Sjogren's SS-A & SS-B both Negative
MCV 93
Protein Total 8.0
Calcium 10.0
Absolute Basophil 0

These are the only two blood tests that I could locate from that doctor and the records are no longer available.

2004 Blood Test
ANA Positive with titer 1:640 and Homogeneous pattern
Basophils 0
Sedimentation Rate 4
Rheumatoid Factor <7
Sjogren's ss-A & SS-B both Negative
Anti Sm & Anti-RNP Negative
DNA Index 7.1 DNA Result Negative
CCP Antibody, IgG Negative

2008 Blood Test
ANA Negative
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 4
BUN/Creat Ratio 5.4
ALB/GLOB Ratio 2.1
Calcium 9.6
CRP <1.0

2010 Blood Test
ANA positive with 1:640 titer and Homogeneous/Speckled
anti ss-a negative
anti-ss-b negative
dsDNA index <1
dsDNA Result negative
MCV 95
Basophils & Absolute Basophil 0
Sedimentation Rate 4
Protein Total 6.8
Albumin 4.7
Alb/Glob Ratio 2.2
Thyroid T3 28.8
Thyroid T4 Thyroxine 6.3
Thyroid T7 Index 1.8
CRP <1.0

2011 Blood Test
MCV 96
Basophils 0
Sedmimenation Rate 1
Glucose 60
Albumin 4.6
ALT 83
AST 43
CRP <1.0
C3 Complement Compenent 110
C4 Complement Component 16
dsDNA Result Negative Status I

I clearly recall my July 2011 had a positive ANA, but I can't find them.

2012 Blood Test

ANA Negative
Sedimation Rate 2
CRP < 1.0
C3 complement Component 133
C4 Complement Component 21
DsDNA Index 1 dsDNA Result Negative
Lyme B. burgdorferi 18, 23, 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, 93 were all nonreactive
VitD 25-Hydroxy, Total 18.7

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