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Hello all - I'm new to this message board and have found it to be a very helpful source of info and support, so thank you!

I'm 41 years old and was diagnosed with SLE in 2008 and hashimotos in 2005. Apart from a major flare in 2004 which put me out of commission for several months (and was never diagnosed as SLE - just some unexplained illness) I've been very fortunate as my symptoms have been relatively mild up until now. My typical symptoms are the run-of-the-mill fatigue, joint pain, numbness, tingling and mental fogginess which I was managing without plaquenil; my rheumy had suggested it but I was hesitant to resort to meds. At least not yet.

Then three weeks ago, Lupus reared its ugly head again. It started with tightness in my throat, heart palpitations, a short bronchial spasm, wicked sore throat, hot and cold flashes (no fever), chest pain, blurred vision and painful "nerve jolts" in my thumbs. Fun stuff. Then it all cumulated with difficulty swallowing solid food, which has been nothing but a nightmare. Went for a barium swallow, throat X-ray, THS blood test, throat swab - all negative. I also, however, have what appears to be sores (not quite ulcers) on the back of my throat, down my throat (which is what I think is causing the swallowing issues), in my nostril and inner ear (curiously, EVERYTHING is on the right side?). 

Finally managed to see my rheumy who promptly put me on a mini course of prednisone (15mg/day for 4 days and then tapering down), and magic mouthwash (to be swallowed) which I started yesterday. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Felt hopeful and euphoric at first thinking it was a small miracle, but then felt horrible all night with bone pain (new to me) minor insomnia and burning skin sensations (no rash). This morning I was all spaced out and kind of dizzy and had to spend a few hours in bed until the new dose kicked in and then felt somewhat functional again. I hope the rest of the course goes more smoothly.

Anyway, sorry for the long story, but I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience or any insight with the swallowing/sores and/or prednisone? I'm still having a problem eating which has me so depressed; I'm really hoping it will let up soon as I've lost more than 15lbs in 3 weeks and cannot afford to lose any more as I'm already very petite - clothes are sliding off of me now. My appetite is still low and a diet of coconut water, drinkable yogurt and watery soups is wearing me thin, no pun intended.


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