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Dr. suspects Lupus
Sep 24, 2012
Hello Everyone... Just wondering if I could get some expert advice. It has been about 6 years since I first started to notice many different symptoms affecting me. In the past 2 years things have gotten worse. I am fatigued, I have muscle/joint pain frequently, swollen lymph nodes (usually in my left armpit, but not always), I have melasma spots the sporadically showed up in several locations, and sometimes I get a pink flush across my checks or sometimes its just a few red dots. I get hot flashes, heart palpitations, I have "mild asthma" and horrible case of IBS and lately I've noticed the "brain fog" is atrocious. I'm 32, so it makes me feel crazy. I've had my thryoid checked 3 times, with nothing there and also CBC and the other standard blood work. I was finally sent to a specialist, who suspects I may have lupus after I revealed to her that my father's sister and my grandfather's sister (on the same side) both have the disease. So she has ordered blood work for me. Is this neck-of-the-woods I have to schedule an appointment for my blood work. When I called I felt horrible, almost to the point I thought I might have to go to the emergency room... but several days later I am feeling better again. I have a mild pain in my hip and left breast and the brain fog hasn't entirely lifted. My question to you more experienced ppl is this: If I get my blood work done during a low symptom time and not at the highest point of the flare, am I going to end up with inaccurate results? Or should I wait until I feel awful again to get the blood tests done? Or does it matter?
I hate to have to wait any longer for results, but I want to know for sure what it going on... so I want to do it right. (I live on the east coast of NS and the tests have to be sent to Toronto, therefore I have to wait 4 weeks for results.)
Should I wait or not? Thanks :)

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