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Hi. Apparently anti-ds-DNA can vacillate: it can be higher just before, or at the start of, flares; and once it turns positive, it stays positive. I don't know that it's a titer test, though (sorry), you'd have to ask. Unfortunately, if the reference range on the report says >10 is positive, then >20 appears to be solidly positive, but you should confirm with someone familiar with the lab that did it.

In contrast, I'm pretty sure that ANA *is* a titer test. It's a pretty "general" test, though, and can elevate in multiple conditions. The progression you usually see in books & articles is 1:40, 1:80, 1:320, 1:640, 1:1280, 1:2560, etc. One hardback author calls 1:1280 indisputably meaningful, but I believe lower values can be considered meaningful, especially if in conjunction with elevation of MORE SPECIFIC autoantibodies (like anti-ds-DNA), symptoms, and ACR criteria. (The ACR criteria are in the sticky posts at the top of the thread list.)

From the looks of it, the ranges & values for these two have two entirely different structures.

Have you been formally diagnosed? Whether yes or no, I sure hope you're doing well & getting all the help you need. Sending best wishes, Vee

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