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Hi all. Boxermama...I've had those awful facial flushes and when I get them a slight appears across the bridge of my nose and to my cheek. I would get them several times a day and usually I would sweat profusly. I have never had one while at the doc's but I was put put on plaquenil and I believe it has been helping. Haven't had that facial flush for a while now. It is important to really like and trust your rhuemy doctor. I am going to my 3rd in early Dec. because I didn't like the last two. My ANA is positive at 1:160 and my RNP's are high.
I also have fibro but I can tell the difference in pain. And I have IBS for over 20 years now. But that is the only rash I ever got so lupus was never definetly diagnosed. They think MCTD. Good luck

Hi veej. How are you doing? I wanted to ask you or anyone else about some small pimples looking things I've been getting. It is not in a specific spot, just usually shoulder area and on my butt, which is very annoying :). These pimples appear one at a time. Some itch...some don't. Was just wondering. Thanks Hope you are feeling good! Linda

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