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Hey everyone,

It started last night, both arms starting in the backs of my arms behind the elbows are alternating between numbness and tingling but my right arm is the worst. The numbness is going all the way down into the heel of my hand. My wrist is getting stiff and i'm having to stretch it and it will pop. The knuckles on the back of my right hand is also hurting and feels like it's swelling but I see none but the fingers sure feel stiff and swollen.

All these years I always atributed it to arthritis because when the weather changes I hurt like this in the hands and for sure sometimes all over.

Since my dr says I do not have arthritis that I have Systemic Lupus with Fibro type symptoms I was wondering if weather affects Lupus?

This is very irritating. The numbness and tingling is very painfull, so what do all ya'll recommend for it?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

I am currently on Gabapentin, Ferrous Sulfate, Naproxen, Paxil and Ibuprophen

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