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Jen, hi & welcome. I'm just a patient, so please read in that light!

My recent labs display the following ranges for anti-dsDNA, in IU/ml.
< 25 is negative
25 to 34.9 is equivocal
35 to 99.9 is weak positive
100 to 200 is positive
> 200 is strong positive

BUT your lab may use different reference ranges than my lab, OR your test may have been a different anti-dsDNA test entirely than mine was! Therefore I think you best move is to request a copy of your labs. And if there are no reference ranges printed, ask your dr. to provide those ranges.

Re: your extremely light-sensitive eyes, have you looked into other possible reasons? Some are strictly EYE PROBLEMS, I think, so I'd definitely want my eye doctor to weigh in.

Re: "seizure-like symptoms", are these flat-out seizures? (Hope not!) Or migraine-like visual disturbances, meaning accompanied by huge headaches? Or just brief visual disturbances, where your vision is temporarily haywire? Did they start before or after you started Topamax and Ativan? (I see dark, wavy, dancing lines occasionally. Bright light seems to provoke, e.g., halogen bulbs, or looking straight into the bi-Xenon headlights of an approaching car. But I have no convulsions, headache, or anything truly awful... only the wavy vision, and only briefly.)

Re: your years of "weird, unexplainable symptoms", I don't know what you mean by that (sorry).

I hope others add more soon. Best wishes, Vee
VeeJ, thank you so much for replying. Let me see if I can answer any of your questions. Yes, I got copies of everything. You would be amazed at how much I have. Literally, it is 8-10" thick, or more! I was gonna give you the ranges, but... ugh... I JUST realized that my OB/Gyn still has everything. She is a new OB/Gyn. I told her everything I've been experiencing & to my EXTREME shock, she asked for my paperwork & is trying to help me figure out what is going on. Can you believe that? Super nice!

OK, I found some duplicate paperwork...
Here are some results.......

DNA AB DS Crithidia Titer 1:40 high range <1:10 Is this real high?
Absolute Eosinophils 11 range 15-500
RDW 16.1 high range 11.0-15.0
Complement C4C 16 range 16-47 (decent now; lower b4)
Rheumatoid Factor 7 range <14
ANA Screen IFA, Negative
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide <16 negative= <20 (weak positive is 20-39)
ALT, high 35 (range is 6-29) what is this again?
AST, high 37 (range is 10-30) what is this again?
Absolute Basophils 17 (range is 0-200) - seems like this is low?!

I do not see that anti-RO was tested? Unless I missed it?! Wait... anti-RO is SSA? Is that for Sjogren's? All it says under that is <1.0 Neg Al (range <1.0 NEG). SS-B has the same result.

MCHC, MCV, Monocytes, Neutrophils, Platelet Count, Red Blood Cell Count, White Blood Cell Count, SM and SM/RNP Antibodies, Sjogren's Antibody
Complement Component c3c, Albumin, Albumin/Globulin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin, Bun/Creatinine ratio, Calcium, Carbon Dioxide, Chloride, Creatinine, Globulin, Glucose,
Absolute Lymphocytes 1943 (range is 850-3900)
Absolute Monocytes 342 (range is 200-950)
Absolute Neutrophils 3287 (range is 1500-7800)
eGFR African American - WTH is this??? I'm Caucasian... never heard of this.
eGFR NON-AFR American - WTH is this???
Fasting Reference Interval (Potassium - Protein, total - Sodium - Urea)

Muscle inflammation...... uuummm.... well, they've definitely talked about inflammation! But muscle inflammation? Uummm... is that cpk? or is it C-Reactive Protein? C-Reactive Protein is 1.6 (range is 0.0-4.9).

What is the world is a Metro Rheumatologist??

Docs have tried Lyrica... did not work. Tramadol did not work either. Currently Doc increased Gabapentin from 300mg to 600mg. Been on 600 for 1 week and it is not working yet. The ONLY med that works so far is Hydrocholoroquine. Not sure how all of these differ. No time for research. THANKS VEE!!!

p.s. Is there any way to post a pic of my nodules on here?? They're NOT like typical RA nodules. I've seen those on my dad. These are soft... they're in the veins. AND they only come up from time to time... mainly (but not always) when I'm in pain.
Hi, Kaypee, and welcome! If your lab uses the same ranges mine does for anti-ds-DNA, then your results = 32 are in the "equivocal" range. My lab uses the following:
< 25 is negative
25 to 34.9 is equivocal
35 to 99.9 is weak positive
100 to 200 is positive
> 200 is strong positive

I've read that it's possible to have slightly elevated ANA & anti-ds-DNA yet NOT have lupus. But even so, for any anti-ds-DNA number above "negative", personally I'd want to see a rheumatologist for a complete workup, so I'm glad you're going. Another good reason to go is that some problems in lupus are "silent", kidney involvement being the one that comes to mind first. (If your BUN and creatinine values were in-range, and urinalysis was also OK, those would all be strong signs that your kidneys are functioning well.)

Have you seen the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads? They contain basic info that you could read before your appt. (The diagnostic criteria would be especially useful before seeing the rheum.)

How bad is your insomnia? Just curious, as I've been out-of-whack myself for about 2 years. Anyway, sorry you were gobsmacked but glad you found us. Sending my best wishes, Vee

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