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Unsure about future
Feb 12, 2013
I had a positive Ana 1:160 speckled pattern last week. Prior to that test, 2 positive at 1:40 speckled pattern. A month ago, i developed a rash on my face which is what prompted the recent test. The other two tests were run when i was trying to figure out another illness which ended up being parvovirus. That was nine minths ago. I have no joint pain and no fatigue. I have had tender lymph nodes in the past two weeks, but not painful. Is it possible to have Lupus diagnosed without any joint pain or fatigue? Still waiting for rheumatology appt and every day of the unknown is agony.
Busymom, we're just patients here. Although I imagine findings like yours (so far) could go various ways, I think you said some very hopeful things.

As you know already, ANA isn't specific to any single condition, plus it can elevate simply due to a passing virus or infection. So your ANA of 1:160 needs to be viewed in the context of your known parvo---also in the context of tests you probably haven't had yet. e.g., like tests for *specific* autoantibodies (like anti-ds-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-RNP, anti-Ro, anti-La, etc.) and urinalysis.

While it's probably "possible "to have lupus without fatigue & joint pain, your not having arthritis (tenderness, swelling, fluid) means you don't meet that arthritis criteria---which is cool.

While tender lymph nodes aren't a criteria, they are common in lupus---BUT lymph nodes can be tender for OTHER reasons, too, not just lupus.

Re your facial rash, there are OTHER facial rashes that resemble the lupus malar rash, for example, rosacea---even a tiny sunburn... so it's probably not a "given" that you've actually had a malar rash. (Only a doctor should say.)

And if your STANDARD labs were all normal, that's another bright spot.

I'm sorry for your worry: we do understand what that feels like. I'd try to stay positive by looking at all the criteria/symptoms you DON'T have... then let the rheumatologist work his magic. With my fingers crossed for you, Vee

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