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Firstly, I need to say how relieved I am to be writing this. I am so scared and overwhelmed at the moment and this is the only support I get and I am sorry if this is long! :dizzy:

I am 18 and white female. I was diagnosed with T1 diabetes 3 years ago. I have now found out that my grandmother had Addison's.
Before my diagnosis, I was suffering from mono. My glands were up before and I think this was the trigger for it. After extensive tests minimal diabetes antibodies are present; I have had a slow progression.
Ever since, I have not felt right. I had blood tests after for other autoimmune diseases which were negative including Celiac. I had low vit D but take supplements.
I have had thyroid tested lots of times and it is fine. :)

Back to lupus: I noticed my hair was coming out alot more before i was diagnosed. Not tons, and not in patches, but i told my nurse who told me it was the diabetes. 3 Years on and i still have hair loss, it is getting worse. My diabetes is fully controlled. I have put it down to BC pills, hormones but it just does not add up. I have now noticed that my scalp gets sore and I develop painful pimple like spots which also itch. My joints are painful, mainly on my right side. My fingers are very sore and elbow joints ache like mad. The pain is not really noticeable on left. I have tingling in my feet; but tested negative for MS and neuropathy. I also have visual snow but my eyes are "normal". When feeling really bad, I also get intense body itching which comes and goes, worse on my legs. Nothing seems to help. :confused:

In the past week, I have been bruising easilly. After showering my legs turned purple and lots of purple spots formed. :eek: These faded after but some remain. I also have a canker sore on my tongue. My glands are also up in my groin which makes me think EBV but it is negative. I just had a period, and symptoms got TERRIBLE after. I was bedridden. My bloods were normal minus high albumin and minimally raised liver enzyme ALT. My doctor is saying everything is all in my head so I am wary to go back; but new symptoms such as the bruising and head spots have developed since then. :(

No rashes as such, except a strange itchy red blushing on limbs which only seem to last minutes and then disappear. I went on holiday in August and I got terrible sun rash. I have had this when I was very young but not since then.

Right now I am most worried about the weird itching episodes, the head spots and all over hair loss, and the easy bruising. Does this sound like lupus? Thanks so much for reading.

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