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Hi Everyone,

My hands hurt badly, the joints feel painful and stiff, my thumbs almost feel like they are broken. I've had symptoms since 2004 which prompted me to get to the Doc, possible MS testing, the MRI showed a brain tumor, ouch, I had brain surgery in 2005. 2006 I was diagnosed with a retinal disease called CSR, which I read possibly may be correlated to Lupus.

Right now it's day 5 of what feels like arthritis, and I started this rash across my checks and on the bridge of my nose, when I'm stressed. I have an appt with a GP on Friday with a laundry list of symptoms. My balance is way off, blurry vision, headaches, tingling and sharp pains in my eye, and hands, fatigue, theres more but my hands hurt too much to type

Any insight on this, and advice you pros can give me will be sooo appreciated. I went from thinking MS, till this rash appeared.... Not sure which is worse....

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