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No, Most GP drs will not test for Lupus because they wont think about it. I went many years with symptoms before a dr decided to check. I have had 7 miscariages, chronic anemia, joint pain, tingling and numbness and Pain but my worst complaint second to the pain is unrelenting fatigue. I have also had the sores in the nose and mouth plus swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck and under the arm pits and under my chin.

When you have a lymph node on the side of your neck swollen to about the size of your head and you have the sores on the lips, nose, and on the roof of your mouth as well as on your scalp, you would think drs would check for that. But nope, I was just told that I had a virus and here take antibiotics. That's as far as it would go. Most drs will see symptoms and treat the symptoms and wont look for the cause.

I should know, I have been through this mess for years. It wasn't until I went to see a nuerologist for cognitive dificulties like dizziness, forgetting things, having problems with my speech process. Like my husband always complains that there are times he say's I talk in circles. He has no idea what i'm saying but to me it sounds like I know what i'm saying. Having a hard time trying to talk you forget what you're trying to say or say something totally different than what you are thinking.

In Dec, she ran a bunch of tests. At that time she was thinking I had MS and she also ran the tests needed to rule out outher auto immune diseases. You can have several all together, just need tests to rule them out.

But, it is rhuematologists who are the specialists you need to go to. They treat the AI diseases so they will be able to tell you if you have Lupus or not.

Good luck
Wow, thank you so much! Well I definitely don't have anything NEAR a severe as the symptoms you had. I can't believe it took them so long to diagnose you. Holy cow. So I can definitely see why no one has tested me if you had ALL of those horrible things going on and that didn't alert anyone. Poor thing. Now I don't feel like I have it because my symptoms are nowhere near the horrible things you've gone though.

Like you my fatigue is some times just out of control. At one point I was scared to drive because I was nodding off. I even had to put my head down in a corporate meeting and was falling out right in front of senior management. It was totally horrible. I just attributed it to anemia. I thought I had narcolepsy!!!

Recently I've started to experience numbness in my hands. They went so numb one night (and they weren't asleep) that they kept me up all night, and then I was afraid I couldn't drive to work. I couldn't feel either hand. It's only happened a few more times but hasn't happened since. I have episodes of muscle fatigue in my legs some times where it is difficult for me to not fall down. I can actually feel the weakness coming on before it hits me so I can hold on to something. This happens a few times a month and then disappears for a few months. No one can figure it out. The weak legs are not a new symptom. They've been coming on and off for a couple of years. It's a horrible, helpless feeling.

The nose thing, I don't know what that's about. But it is always on one side and seems to never go away.

I do get many episodes where my lymph nodes feel swollen and I feel like I'm getting sick, and then it will go away for a month or two. When this happens it's like I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of getting very sick, but never do. I hate it.

It's the joint pain in my knees that really is a problem. It is difficult for me to walk down or up stairs and seem worse at times more than others. But when they hurt, it hurts mostly in the backs of my knees, like they're swollen and sore and can be very painful. This has gone on for a few years. I'm only 39 so I thought I just had crappy knees and would probably end up having to get knee replacement surgery at some point if they're already hurting so much this young.

Anyway, that's pretty much my history. It comes and goes, but when it comes everything falls apart at the same time. So there's never one instance where my knees will hurt or my legs feel weak that isn't accompanied by fatigue. I'm just at a loss.

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