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Re: Methotrexate
Apr 18, 2013
But4grace, I just read about an international society for severe chronic neutropenia that includes a list of possible causes. Yes, RA and lupus are on it, but so are a raft of RARER CAUSES, including some metabolic and genetic disorders, etc.

As I understand it, neutrophils have one function only, and that's to kill bacteria. And that in healthy people, their role is to kick in very early, in the "acute" phase of fighting infection. (In contrast, lymphocytes kick in later.)

Because your rheumatologists believe you have lupus yet cannot cite which (if any) criteria you meet, I absolutely see why you're questioning the lupus diagnosis and the reco re: Methotrexate. (BTW, the ACR criteria for diagnosing SLE are in a "sticky post" = permanent info post. The "stickies" are all located above the user threads.)

So I'd want to review, with my doctors, all the info available on neutropenia, to see if the various *other* causes were considered and tested for. I'd also ask if the treatment for neutropenia is the same no matter what's causing it. I'm sorry this suggests going back to basics instead of addressing your question, but that's what I'd want done if I were in your shoes.

I really hope others add more. Please touch base again when you can. Sending hugs & hopes you get some much needed clarity soon. Bye, Vee

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