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Hi everyone,

I went to my dr thursday for a check up and she pulled me off my generic ambien and my hydrocodone for break through pain. I'm still on the 25 mcg 72 hour Duragesic pain patch.

Since I was in the hospital in the last couple of day of Jan for a blood transfusion and a Lupus flare my fatigue is still just as bad and i'm still having a lot of swollen lymph nodes, off and on sore throat and now i'm having worse anxiety, crying at the drop of a hat, etc.

So she put me on 100 mg of Trazadone and 10 mg of Leflunomide each 1 a day.

Can any1 give me an idea how long these take to kick in plus why would she put me on a drug for RA (the Leflunomide) when I have not tested positive for it? I'm hoping it works on my body and joint pain since it's for arthritis.

She told me she does not put any of her patients on Plaquenil because too many of her patients wound up with eye problems.

So just looking to see if any1 had any answers for me.
Thanks again Vee,

My lymph nodes have a mind of their own! Lol, everday.

I have what feel like little round marbles under my chin that hurt, next day it could be undr 1 arm, next day could be under both, then back to the side of 1 neck, but the 1 that hurts really bad is when it hits from the ovary area down into the pubic area. Now that one hurts anytime I role over on to my left side.

As far as she goes, I know she treat MS, Cerebral Palsy, basically anything to do with the brain. And ive met a couple patients in the waiting room that just love her to death who has Lupus, they've assured me that she knows what she's doing. Just gotta give her time to find the meds.

She has the general idea that her crap don't stink and anytime I ask questions its like I don't need to ask those questions, just listen to me and follow my directions. I am anxious to start seeing the rhuemy that i've been referred to.
That will be in July when my next apptment is.

Will keep everyone posted. and you hang in there yourself Vee.

I'm out, and going bak to bed again.

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