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Hi there - I am desperate for answers and am hoping that there might possibly be someone here who can give me some insight. Here is my drama - shortest version possible. I am female 43. Prior to 6 years ago I was an exercise guru. Played on a coed basketball league,travel tennis team, jogged, wked out, had horses. Always on the go. Then suddenly started having tachycardia(svt) and not feeling well. Went to cardiologist for 3 years nothing ever major found (ekg's were slightly abnormal and low heart rate 47 but was told it was from wrking out) but kept saying I just can't understand why I'm so tired and would come over like I had the flu while working out. This continued -then I thought I hurt my back at tennis but after X-ray was told that my kidney was enlged and needed to have checked. I was diagnosed with medullary sponge kidney and have 1 kidney working at 29% and has shrunk and the other at 71% and enlarged to help out the other but together they function at 100% still. Meanwhile I have started feeling even crummier. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to ER for a lump that came up in my neck and had difficulty swallowing. I was told it was a muscle spasm due to low potassium. Since then I have head, neck and ear pressure just about everyday. I am tired all the time, muscle weakness, headaches, and now I have this dry cough that wakes me up at night and continues throughout the day. I also started having knee pain in both knees that seems to be bad for a few days then fine again. I have slowly started cutting out my activities. I use to play tennis 3 days a week now I'm going once in a while and stay home most days. I don't want to exercise because I know I'll feel lousy after. After my last tennis I came home and then my head felt like it was going to explode and I had major neck pressure. I did have a neck doppler ultrasound which came back normal. I am very big on hydration and drink plenty of fluids. I finally asked my gp to test for an autoimmune issue recently. My ana came back 1:160 speckled but everything else was within normal range. My gp wanted to see me back for recheck in a month. Well at the one month mark I had a urologist appt. so they did the blood work and he said that I did not have lupus because my ch50 was high. Mine was >60 and range was less than 60. Everything else was within normal limits. After that appt I had another couple lousy days so went back to gp to go over results and she feels it could just be allergies which I do have but I have had them all my life but never with feeling like this! She gave me a ton of meds to cover just about everything and wants me to come back in 2 weeks to decide if I should go to a rheumatologist or not. I am so sick of paying copays!!!!! I feel like I am helping all of my dr.s put swimming pools in at their homes and I am no closer to an answer than before!!!!! Ugh - sorry - that is the desperation coming out! Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to read this and possibly share their input. I am so sad and lost with this!

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