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Hi & welcome. I couldn't tell from your post whether you've received a formal dx yet... Whether YES or NO, I'd ask whomever ordered the labs to explain your results, for several reasons---

My understanding of [B]Chromatin [/B]is that it can be positive in multiple conditions: lupus (systemic and drug-induced), Sjogren's syndrome, and antiphospholipid syndrome. So although we could research & read statements that it's "suggestive" of future kidney issues, I'm really not sure how much a "given" this concern really is, because of those multiple conditions in which it may be positive! i.e., I think it needs to be read in context.

[B]Anti-ds-DNA[/B] is an autoantibody that's considered very suggestive of systemic lupus. (It's one of the criteria on the list of 11 used to diagose & classify SLE. These criteria are listed in one of the sticky posts = permanent info posts that are located above the user threads.) But I can't tell how high yours is without a "reference range". For example, my lab uses the following ranges: < 25 is negative, 25 to 34.9 is equivocal, 35 to 99.9 is weak positive, 100 to 200 is positive, and over 200 is strong positive. Therefore my lab might report a number greater than zero---which would look scarily "positive" to a patient because it's greater than 0---but could actually translate as too low to be meaningful.

As for [B]ANA[/B], it's a slippery thing that may be positive in quite a number of conditions (not just lupus)... and also simply due to age, or to a passing virus or infection. Therefore ANA alone can't diagnose anything. It is one of the 11 criteria, but I believe doctors consider its *level* before counting it as a fulfilled criteria. In the scheme used by many labs, the first ANA value that's reported is 1:40; then 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, 1:1280, 1:2560, etc. The lower the value, the more likely it is to be false-positive, or due to some OTHER reason (e.g., virus, age, infection). What have your values been?

But the most important thing is that the diagnostic criteria must always be viewed in the context of symptoms. To illustrate: people can actually have low-positive ANA and low-positive anti-ds-DNA yet NOT have any symptoms of lupus, and such a person would NOT be diagnosed with SLE.

If you're concerned about what your values are saying, the next step should be to see a rheumatologist (if you haven't already). I hope this is what you were after. Please let us know, OK? Best wishes, sincerely, Vee

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