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Hi everyone. I am new.
Can anybody please help me with my blood results. My ANA was positive 1 : 640, homogeneous pattern but everything else was negative. Including a RA screening and lupus anticoagulant test.
I am suffering from joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue, dizzy spells. The most terrible headaches and my hands and feet are extremely cold all the time. I get mouth ulcers and recurrent nose bleeds. But no rash anywhere. After being in the sun I feel feverish and sick, but no rash. Just a red and white pattern under the skin that disappear after a while, after staying out of the sun.
The first doctor diagnosed me with SLE but the second doctor told me that it isn't Lupus, but he also don't know what it is. So I am not on any medication because I don't know who or what to believe.
Please help. Lately the symptoms are getting worse and I have more sick days. I'm afraid I will lose my job. And I can't afford to.

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