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Re: In need of info
Aug 14, 2013
Hi. I'm sorry you're struggling with something ("something" because only a doctor can say). There are worse things than having lupus, like not knowing you have it and not getting the treatment it requires. Please know that many patients fare very well in this day & age, given proper treatment and regular checkups.

If this is lupus, your goal is to stop/slow your immune system from creating unwanted auto-antibodies that attack healthy cells. These can cause constitutional symptoms (fatigue, pain, etc.), but worse, they can permanently damage major organs (kidneys, brain, heart, lungs, etc.)

When you see a rheumatologist, please make sure you're tested for ALL the autoantibodies possible in lupus INCLUDING antiphospholipid, an autoantibody that can cause blood to become "sticky". Its symptoms include migraines, blood clots, etc. Also, have your thyroid levels checked, too, because early symptoms of thyroid disorders can overlap those of lupus (plus, thryoid problems and lupus can co-exist).

You should read the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads. There you'll find basic info on antiphospholipid, other antibodies seen in lupus, criteria used in diagnosing lupus, resources available in most libraries, "alternative criteria", etc.

I had problems from early childhood, but it took me decades to get a diagnosis & treatment. Not surprisingly, my problems adversely affected my goals... and you don't want that! Your adult life awaits you, so please book that appointment today. I hope you keep posting AND that you confirm you've booked. We'll look forward to your updates. Hugs, Vee

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