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Hi everyone, I'm new here but not new to Lupus. I was diagnosed with Tumid Lupus about 10 years ago and have done fairly well on Plaquenil. However I have recently developed the most intense itching and red rash in my vaginal outer area. I went to the Obgyn and they ran the usual yeast tests as well as a wide array of other tests. They couldn't find anything. They tried to tell me it's just dryness but I can't imagine that is all it is as I'm about to claw myself to death! It's absolutely awful. I'm wondering if Lupus can affect the vaginal area causing inflammation and rashes? Also, I see a dermatologist for my lupus since it's skin related. Do you think that is the doctor I should see instead of the Obgyn? Thanks for taking the time to read this:)
Hi Ameila,

Welcome to the forum.

I am going through this at the moment myself. I've been so embarrassed about this I haven't even attempted to see a dr yet. I've been putting an OTC triple antibiotic cream on it and while it helps the itching it hasn't helped the rash to go away. I've been half tempted to see if one of the OTC yeast meds would help.

Does your rash have little bumps too? I've got a dr's appointment Tuesday for my 6 week check up with my Lupus dr and I guess i'll talk to her about it but I wish I could find something before then.

Good luck
Hi. I'm one of those sensitive-skin women, too. The general term may be vulvitis (assuming other more worrisome things have been ruled out), so you could read up on home remedies for vulvitis. If home remedies or OTC cortisone ointments don't help, ask your GYN for a prescription: Nystatin-Triamcinoclone ointment might be one possibility. I hope you get relief soon. Hugs, Vee (P.S. You may want to avoid avoiding irritating or friction-producing fabrics like lace. Last birthday, I got a gorgeous black lace underwear set that turned evil. Also avoid scented soap, bubble bath, etc. If you do floor exercise, make sure fabrics & floor mat play well together.)
I have been living with vaginal pain and no known cause for 25+ years. Pain was acute for a year them eased but it is always there and I plan my day around what clothing I will be able to tolerate in public. Drs. offered everything but steroids and creams did nothing but increase the sting. The only thing that helped me tolerate was just a drop of Vagisil over the counter. Just a drop to numb. don't use too much, the cream creates a friction that makes it worse. 7 years ago, I had a similar flare up in my gluteal cleft. This isn't itching this is out and out full on burning like I had been held over a gas stove. It looks just as red and shiny as the vaginal rash. And let me tell you it is excruciating for months. All they could via punch biopsy find was deep layers of dermatis becasue of years of inflammation and cyckotones but no clue why. Again the Vagisil cream to numb the pain. Oh and ice. I sit on ice all the time but it is sort of embarrassing to go out to dinner and then have to stick ice pack down your pants. So Vagisil and ice is how I have survived these 2 horrible flares. Then last week I was told I prob have lupus. At least the lupus explains the crazy private pain. And today I feel better than I have in years. I just want to shout out to everyone who has mocked me and my psychosomatic pain "see I told you I was sick".
Good luck to you.
Yes I would see your derm and even consider a biopsy of the labia major if the rash is present there. (Less painful than more delicate tissues.) The biopsy may prove helpful, and they should run immunoflourescent studies on it to see if it is lupus or something else. That is the "lupus band test". and must be ordered with biopsy to differentiate a lupus rash from any other rash. If it is lupus, I would ask to try Dapsone, a Rx that seems to work well for lupus rashes. Good luck. It sounds miserable and there must be some relief for you!
Thank you Ladybug. Lupus was never discussed when dermatologist did biopsy. I don't think they did immunoflourescent studies. They thought it being caused by detergent or something environmental. I will follow up with them on this too. I am going to look up Dapsone as well.

Again thank you. I have been wondering the world of the medical industry with this uncontrollable pain for years and and have been sent from specialist to specialist and even been told I have too many symptoms I am overwhelming them. Another said I should see a psychiatrist. I said that I do and didn't you hear a thing I said.

The walls I kept hitting were that I have serum negative blood work, yet every symptom described. My new Rhuemy looked me in the eye and said that he treats symptoms not blood work. I almost gave him a hug.
thank you all for you help and support. This healthboard is so helpful to me.
Hang on to that new rheum! He has the right idea. 4-5 % of lupus patients remain seronegative, in spite of obvious symptoms. You need an open-minded Dr. to realize that and listen to you, the patient, who knows her body well. I do hope you get some relief and an answer as to what is causing the rash.

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