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I also meant to say that I was put on 2 rounds of prednisone this spring and summer that made me feel human again. I still have some of my issues, but I felt so great!!!! I also have hyper-reflexes in my lower legs. My spine specialist felt I needed to see both and recommended it to my PCP. Last time I saw her I asked what she planned on doing about my nerve pain and she basically asked what I wanted her to do. Fine she said I will give you vicaprofen. I told her we both know that wont work on nerve pain and asked about gabapentin. She gave me a script for that, and it does help some.

I plan on changing doctors, I have been going there for the past 2 years with issues that have been ignored and tests get done only when I ask. My vitamin levels are fine.

I have had very dry skin for the last couple of years, even during the summer, I have chronic sinus issues as well.

I have had to cut back my hours at work because I work 2 jobs and was working 7 days at a stretch and I just cant do it anymore.

My spine doctor feels its autoimmune based on the fact I responded so well to steroids. I had been thinking MS, Lupus, or Sjogrens. Not so much Rheumatoid as I have no swelling in my joints-they just feel that way. I have had strep throat many times, is that related? I have very low blood pressure (though higher since prednisone) feel very off balance, but think I walk normally, vision is deteriorating (could be age) going through menopause (yet no real classic symptoms, just a lack of periods). I have 3 young kids and I am so tired of feeling this way.

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