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First off, let me just tell you guys how much I appreciate all of your information and support!!! I was diagnosed with SLE yesterday. I find this news to be bitter sweet. I am not happy to have something wrong with me, but I am so excited that it has a name and I am not crazy! Turns out that I met 6 of 11 criteria for SLE and my blood tests were not normal. Apparently, my C4 level was very low, which my doctor told me was lupus specific. My rash turned out to be discoid, the pictures that I took of my butterfly rash were clear enough to see the shape, circular pattern, the fact it was raised and also that it didn't spread into my laugh lines. She said it was like a picture straight out of a text book. I have photo sensitivity and two joints that were swollen and sore. All of that combined with my positive ANA gave her enough to give me the diagnosis. But the main thing that helped was the fact that she believed me. I would recommend this rheumatologist to anyone! I just wanted to update you guys...looks like I will be hanging out on this forum for a long time! I just hope that I can help others as much as you all have helped me!!!

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