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It looks like I'll get into a rheumatologist in May. So until then I won't have any official diagnosis.

I have a positive ANA, but it was presence/absence, not a titer. So it might be high or a borderline value.
dsDNA antibodies are 32 IU/mL
But my sed rate and CRP were both low normal.
I am having some arthritis in my hands and knees, occasionally my feet too. But it's not disabling pain at this point.

With those symptoms I'll give myself a 3 out of 4 ACR criteria. I am struggling with shortness of breath, but I've put on a lot of weight in the past year and have been increasingly sedentary, so without a chest x-ray I don't know if it's a symptom of SLE or a lack of fitness.

I'm 48 and if I do have SLE, it looks like I'd fit the late-onset symptom pattern. But I'll just have to wait and see.

For now, I've been diligent about sleep and exercise and have cleaned up my diet. Getting my ducks in a row healthwise may not put autoimmine problems back into the closet, but it won't hurt.

I'll update again when I have any news. Thank you all for having a nice resource of information here. It really helps. I found out that one of my girlfriends has has undifferentiated lupus with similar labs to mine. She's been on plaquenil for 20+ years and has a very normal life. I am much less scared than I was last month first reading that dsDNA value!

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