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I was diagnosed with lupus approx. 1 year ago. I feel like I have just been floating around with this dx with out any real guidance/advice/information. I am limited to the rheumatologists in my insurance plan and the one that has been treating me just does not communicate with me. I have been so frustrated that I finally figured the best information might come from people experiencing similiar symptoms/ situations. So here is my long question!...: I started to get these odd red bumps on my toes, sensitive and painful felt like maybe there was glass in my foot. I have been a runner and thought maybe it was a fungus, so I "self"treated with foot spray after couple of days they appeared to get worse- saw my dr and she didnt know and advised lamisil 2 more days of that and redness increased, saw my pcp who gave me a prescription with steroid and antifungal. Used 3 more days when I stopped because red bumps became little blisters. It took several weeks but eventually went away. Now some have retuned only on the bottom of my toes. They just look like a red dot but are more painful this time and almost feels like there is an actual small bump under skin. Again, I thought maybe from running but I recently had the flu and was down for 2 weeks. Just getting worse. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I know's probably time to suck it up and maybe go to a derm or podiatrist but I am tired of getting basic text book answers that aren't always correct. Thanks

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