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ANA test
Mar 12, 2014
I over the years continue to have positive ANA it was 1640 and last time 1280 homogeneous. I had some other tests after the ANAs and was told I didn't have anything. I do have pernicious anemia and the doctor said he guess the high ANA is because of that. Has anyone been told this also when having high ANA and pernicious anemia. I have a new internal medicine doctor and am going to show him my tests and ask him what he thinks. Its been a couple years since my last test and see if he will do some more blood work. The major problem I have is muscle pain and arthritis in my spine. I have pain in my shoulders, lower back and hips. Also have lost some feeling in my feet my ankles don't seem to flex like they use to. Also on I get cramps in my tongue throat. If I stick out my tongue to brush it or if I yawn the muscle in under my chin cramps up and is painful. I never get a chance to really tell these things. Doctors don't seem to think its much if those other tests don't come out positive. I have inner ear disease of some sort that has messed up my balance. They tell me the muscle pain is just from being out of shape and sitting to much. If I try to exercise at all I end up with major problem. 2 weeks ago I tried just stretching while lying in bed and ened up in the ER with sciatica. They did xrays and said its arthritis bothering the nerves. I know other people that have physical problems and sit to much and don't have this kind of thing. Can just plain inflammtion or arthritis cause a high ANA? thanks if any idea on this Oh I also had high C4 which I know means not lupus says online cancer and ulceritive colitus.
Re: ANA test
Mar 13, 2014
Welcome, and I'm sorry you have been left dangling for so long with these symptoms and abnormally high ANA. IMO, an ANA of this level shouldn't just be ignored. Combined with your symptoms of joint and muscle pain, it is probably meaningful and should be checked out further. You should have other autoantibodies done, but NONE of them need to be positive, if you have adequate symptoms plus the high ANA. If any are positive, it just helps identify the specific disorder. In addition, you need muscle enzymes tested, CK and aldolase, plus urine testing and antibodies associated with Sjogren's, which may be related to the pain under your chin (salivary glands). I would insist on getting to the bottom of this so you know what is wrong and can get treatment for it to feel better. Inner ear problems are often associated with lupus, and patients can have high complement instead of low in autoimmune diseases. A rheumatologist may be needed to sort this out, but hopefully your internist will take this seriously, test you, then refer you as needed.
Re: ANA test
Mar 13, 2014
HI I faxed my older test to the new doctors office. He added ANA to my new blood work I am suppose to have in a couple weeks. I had some additional test last time but they were ok. I hope this doctor will look at this closer if he does more tests and they are normal again. I don't know anything about a muscle enzyme test or aldolase. I didn't fax the complement part. I guess I don't want to put to much on this new doctor and turn him off. I didn't know inner ear has any connection to Lupus. Except that some inner ear problems can be autoimmune. I don't understand medical doctors. I have been told at times when I try to push getting a test that they can't just test me because I want them to. But what about the patient that has had years of problems? They should be the main focus of treatment and what they need. Maybe I will get some answers or maybe now if more tests are done it will be showing better. thanks

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