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I am sorry I can not be of any more help to you. The only symptom you and I share are the fatigue. I get some rash in the sun, but not like most do and only some times. My Lupus effects my joints mostly and I get very high fevers like 104 or higher, for about 6 hours every 2 weeks like clock work with out my medication.

I know how hard it is to put up with the pain though, I literally and honestly feel your pain. I not so recently also suffered a concussion and have had migraine type symptoms for nearly 15 months straight.

I can send you healing thoughts and a hug and hope they find out what is going on soon.
I believe there are others here much more knowledgeable than I, keep talking, keep posting and make sure you always get a copy of your blood work results so you have them. Chances are you will get sent from doctor to doctor and will need them, and I have found my doctors do not always catch problems so I get them so I do if they do not.

Again Hugs and feel better!
Thanks for the responses. I do apologize for my grouchiness. I think the pain is going to my head! I have not had any luck determining what my issues are.

I got my tests results back on Friday and everything is 'normal'. Sed rate, thyroid, ANAs, etc. I am going to get a copy of the results - that is a good idea. The nurse tried to tell me everything over the phone but she was very vague - just said they were all normal.

Welll, Friday night I had a fever and even more body aches on top of my already aching muscles. Saturday morning I went to an Express Clinic and they did a Sed rate and wanted to retest my auto-immune bloodwork. The doctor said my sed-rate turned out to be normal. duh! But he gave me a cortisone shot, an antibiotic in case I was 'infected', and a Rx for 800mg ibuprofen. Now it is Sunday night and the ibuprofen twice a day doesn't do a thing, the cortisone shot has not helped my pain. In fact, the pain is not only in my thighs and calves, it has spread to my back, butt and arms!

So in the meantime, I do what a worried-normally-healthy-woman does best. Search Google. You wouldn't believe what I matched up with my symptoms. Parasitic roundworm Trichinosis! You get it from eating undercooked pork! Well, I did eat pork chops a few weeks ago! And I do remember having some GI issues around that time (severe diarrhea and cramping). Then when that went away is when I got the hives and muscles pains starting! Just exactly how Trichinosis symtpoms are described! Ugh! Worms? In my muscles? Really?

I know consulting Dr. Google on my symptoms is the worst thing ever, but I am desperate for answers. Especially when the pain is spreading and affecting my life! Walking, sitting, standing, moving, climbing stairs, doing laundry, carrying things...everything hurts! I am too young and too normally healthy to be suddenly sick like this :( It makes me depressed.

Sorry I seem crazy. This has just really been so bizarre! Just not sure what to do. I called the Express Clinic back and they said not to worry about parasites until my bloodwork comes back and then they can go from there. I called my insurance phone nurse and they said to go to the ER where they would have more diagnostic measures and specialists on hand. They said with my pain getting worse and spreading that I should be concerned, and since the Ibuprofen and cortisone isn't helping that it is "odd". So one dr. says not to worry and the nurse says to go the ER. Well, I'm going call my GP tomorrow and see what they suggest. Is there something they can do or someone they can refer me to, or should I really go to the ER?

I am ready for this mystery to be solved!

P.S. Blood work on Saturday showed my WBC was 3300 (low) and my iron was very low-normal, but not low enough for needing Rx supplements.
Getting a diagnosis is a hard thing. I had fatigue and my "traveling pain" I would have one or more joints that would swell and hurt badly for many years. My GP tested me repeatedly for RA but it was always negative. Then suddenly I started getting fevers. After a while they came like clock work every two weeks at 103 to 104 degrees for about six hours. Keep in mind my body temp runs lower than normal by about a degree and a half so this would have put me in danger had they been prolonged. As it was I was done in for several days after. At this point she ordered tons of blood work. Many items pointed to Lupus but just to be sure I had to go see an Infectious disease doctor who tested me for everything from Lyme and cat scratch fever to some weird cheese disease. All in all it took about a year and a half to get my diagnosis

I know it is distressing and the pain is hard to deal with, I honestly feel your pain! They will find it, just keep pressing and you will get there. Stay informed, keep your records and do not give up!


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