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Hi and ditto to everything Vee said. Just wanted to add that many people who experience back pain think it is their kidneys but it often is musculoskeletal. Many lupus patients experience back pain and it is felt in the same area as kidneys, so easily confused. If the back pain is worse with lifting, bending over, being upright too long, in other words, positionally related, it is musculoskeletal. Have you ever seen a nephrologist? That would be your best bet as far as the blood in urine, once your tests are completed. Also, you should have an anti-dsDNA antibody run on blood, as it related to kidney involvement in lupus. This may have already been done, if you can check your lab results. Also, did they do a urine culture? That would confirm or rule out infection so you don't take antibiotics if not needed, and then end up with a yeast vaginal infection. Oh, miserable itching where you can't scratch! Lupus seems to be "If it isn't one thing, it's another" type illness, and you don't need medication induced troubles added to the mix. Please let us know how your tests turn out. We all learn from one another as well as boost each other's morale. We kind of take turns falling down and being picked up by our board buddies.

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