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Hi VeeJ, thanks for the response! It helped a lot. I like to see what other people have gone through as well, as I find it's easier to relate to people that way. Doctors do not always have the answers, but finding people with similar issues sometimes helps a lot with understanding ourselves and our bodies!

I get leg pain in all parts of my legs. I actually have leg pain in my shins today, and this is only from doing my normal walking routine from work! I'm relieved to hear somebody else had had similar leg pains. It's hard to explain to others or to doctors as it's not a normal sore pain.
I also forgot to mention I've had blood tests come back before with low white blood cells and low iron. I have always been borderline anemic and took iron supplements as a teenager.
I also go up and down in weight. In high school I was around 140, average for me. Three years ago I went down to 114, not intentionally. I went back up to 130 and am not back down really low again, and am not sure why.
Thanks for the post, it was very informative!

ladybug- I thought it was Sjrogen's because of 1 and 14 until I started getting the face rash! Now I'm just confused. I do have low iron, so that could explain the cold.
I have a dairy intolerance! I'm not sure what I'm allergic to in milk, but all my siblings have low tolerance for it as well. My sister throws up if she drinks milk now. I get bad stomach pains if I have dairy.
I also have restless leg syndrome and it's been pretty bad the past few weeks, along with my ankles. I keep twisting them as they are restless and in pain.
Thank you for the response as well!

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