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thanks for your detailed reply.

he did say that my other antibodies could become positive over time, so they will keep testing. I think they've all been run about 3 times and I don't think there has been any borderline ones.

CBC wise has always been borderline/normal. When I first got ill my white count was actually borderline high (13ish) over time it has dropped to borderline low 3-5. I have had borderline high liver panels, high inflammatory markers etc, but nothing MAJOR. Most doctors have said they are fine, some have said they are all too borderline to be fine.

Urinalysis shows repeated mixed bacterial cultures, leucocytes and low levels of protein and often invisible blood, but all kidney function tests are normal.

Photosensitiy gives me a clear butterfly rash, an itchy rash all over exposed areas - especially arms and hands, but the worst is the exhaustion that drains me and then the next day my joints will be in agony, I will literally not be able to walk and my mental function is very low. I feel awful with even a little sun exposure.

I do have signs of sjorens, my eyes are painfully dry, hurts to blink and if I dare rub my eyes I can be screaming in pain. I use gel regularly I also have dry mouth which causes a huge build up of plaque in weeks and regular mouth infections.

I also have opportunistic infections like widespread yeast infection - not candida, a strain of yeast that should only affect those with compromised immune system.

I get ulcers in my nose after sun exposure too, and mouth ulcers.

All thyroid function is normal, all other panels are normal, my cortisol level is slightly raised.

I'm going to read some books on lupus, and hope that the meds help. I've just started them :)

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