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Are lung issues very common with people who have lupus? I feel like something is sitting on my chest and I have a wheezy type of cough that is also a dry cough. When I last saw my rheumy in Aug. she didn't seem concerned . In fact she didn't even listen to my lungs. I'm trying to see a new rheumy but he can't see me until Jan. I'm also wondering if because I've been on prednisone and I'm now weaning off if maybe I didn't just catch a chest cold . It's seems like whenever I go on prednisone I always get whatever is going around. so do any of you on here have lung issues you know are related to lupus? What are your symptoms?
Thanks so much ,
Dry cough and wheezing should be checked out, both with a physical exam and some tests to determine the cause. Some common tests that might be done are a chest xray, CT of chest, pulmonary function tests, blood count to check for infection. Some people with lupus get specific lupus-related lung problems, but allergy related issues like asthma are also common in lupus patients. Weaning off Prednisone can let the bronchial spasm flare up after it has been suppressed for awhile. Even if you don't feel sick with it, I would get it checked out so you know whether it needs treated or not, and what it is.

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