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Yes, :), I have everything typed out onto about 12 pg document now that I give to any new dr. I see. I have on that paper listed out all the questions they ask (i.e.--family history, personal history, drug allergies, food allergies, current medical history). I also have listed in tables in the back page all 10 (yes, 10) urinalyses and CBCs that have been done. It's advantageous that here in my country, the labs expect the patient to pick up all results and then take them to the dr. It's very handy, because then I know immediately what the result is and don't have to wait for the dr. to tell me. :) And the current hospital I'm working with has on-line retrieval service for labs--done usually within the day if common tests like CBC, urinalysis. I'm still waiting for results of the second Primary Immunodeficiency Test that dr. ordered. That one was supposed to take longer.

I discovered the food issues on my own. At that time was seeing natural dr's/chiropractors for GI issues.

As for the current urinalysis report, the dr. saw it when I e-mailed it in, but made no comment. I showed it to the successive drs (pulmo and rheuma that I saw last week). Pulmo saw me and promptly asked if I'd like to see a rheuma, so he referred me to his friend whom he called right away and was still talking with him by the time I'd gotten to the other building and gone up to the 9th floor. Rhema's comment was that I"ve had lots of infections and something must be going on in my immune system. Pulmo also saw me as follow-up for CT scan and told me he'd talk w/rheuma about his opinion on the findings in the lungs. (I'm having left-sided chest pain as I type moves around all the time. Earlier it was my right hip, somewhere on right side higher, left elbow, left knee...etc. etc. bad headache for 3 hrs. now--probably will continue all night unless I give in and take tylenol, but i hate living on drugs. Try to go w/o them if I can).

:) We'll see what dr says tomorrow. I think he'll order more testing.

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