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I have recently been seen by a rheumatologist for a full work-up. Some preliminary blood work has come back and it notes a positive ANA 1:80 homogenous pattern and a positive SED Rate. As a result of these tests my doctor has ordered even further testing and I waiting on those results. With my SED Rate being positive as well ANA at 1:80 (low positive) does this look like it could be leaning towards a lupus diagnosis? I meet many of the clinical symptoms.
Hi & welcome. Certain labs and symptoms weigh more & also help to distinguish lupus from the many other conditions with overlapping symptoms. Have you read the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads? In the one with criteria, you'll find two sets (you'll have to scroll a bit to see the second.)

The first set of criteria is the standard pretty much worldwide. You generally must meet 4 of the 11 to sustain a dx of systemic lupus. They may be met serially over time, meaning not necessarily simultaneously. (Think of checking each off in indelible ink, once met.) I'm just a patient, but I believe that ANA of 1:80 is only slightly elevated, so that value may or may not be counted. I think ESR is non-specific and can also be slightly elevated just due to an infection. But the additional tests you're awaiting may shed a LOT more light!

The 2nd set of criteria was developed by a famous British rheum and is very interesting because it lists things very often seen EARLIER in life in people who later develop lupus. Your rheum would need to take a careful LIFETIME history to see which of these very suggestive things you've had.

And if above sounds like "bean counting" to you? I suppose it is, in a way! Diagnosing lupus and its "close cousins" can be a slow & daunting process for both doctor & patient, so I'm glad you found us to keep you company. Once you read those criteria, feel free to post your reactions & questions. We'll look forward to hearing more, including how those add'l tests come out. Hang in there! Warm wishes, Vee

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