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my previous rheumatologist left the clinic, he was the only one to ever make an effort to actually figure things out. My last ana was 1:1280 I think, but all other antibody tests were negative. Because of my symptoms of (for nearly 7 years) severe joint pain, fatigue, confusion, rashes, sun sensitivity, oral and nasal ulcers etc he put my on hydroxy, but no actual diagnosis. I saw a different rheumatologist today - the head consultant, would you believe who just completely dismissed everything. She says I don't need hydroxy, it's likely "post viral" and I don't need to come back to clinic. It's NHS, so I don't get a choice in this, but I am staying on my meds right now.

I've just started with what she says is likely raynauds (although I think I've had it a while, but it's much worse now, I have sores on my feet etc) she says "lots of women have it" same response to my ANA.

She says I have no arthritic changes so it can't be lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. And with nothing but a raised ANA, there is nothing to worry about. Except it's getting worse. Right now I'm pregnant and so sort of stable but prior to this my sun sensitivity was so bad that even sitting in a car resulted in severe symptoms. I don't have pain free days any more, I have severe days and not so bad days.

But it's been nearly 7 years and endless doctors and fighting with the NHS, I thought we were finally getting somewhere, but I'm back where i started. Do I just give up and accept that I'm never getting a diagnosis and things are just going to get worse and worse? I'm out of ideas and will to fight. i won't be at all insulted if you say it doesn't sound like lupus or any autoimmune and it's probably cfs/me either, so please be honest.

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