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My allergist ran ana panels twice and both came back positive with 1:1280. The rest of my bloodwork was normal and did not specify a specific autoimmune disease. I was referred to a rheumatologist. I do not have 4/11 symptoms for diagnosis and my doctor does not want to treat my lab results. He treats symptoms. My symptoms are as follows:
Mom has epstein barr
Subnormal temp
Cold hands & feet
Sick often
Dry eyes & skin
Abdominal bloating
Gestational diabetes (insulin dependent)
Hard to lose weight
Cellulitis from boosters
15q13.3 chromosome duplication
Severe reaction to bug bites & booster shots
Bactrim allergy
Dry Schirmer's test

I have a follow up appointment in 4 months and a second opinion in 6 months. Thoughts?

Thank you...
A + ANA does not always mean lupus. Many of your symptoms are suggestive of a low thyroid level, and an autoimmune thyroid condition (hashimoto's) can cause a + ANA. I would at least request to have both thyroid hormone and thyroid antibody levels run now to check for Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism, through your PCP, as that may shed some light on at least some of your symptoms.
Hi & welcome. I also think that checking thyroid levels makes sense!

Was your blood glucose checked? I believe that having gestational diabetes raises your odds of later developing diabetes. Also, diabetes and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) often go hand-in-hand.

Another thought: ask allergist for copy of your labs, then look to see which of the more specific "ANA subtypes" were run (e.g., anti-ds-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-Ro, anti-La, anti-RNP, rheumatoid factor, etc.). It would be interesting to see which were actually run, as the # of autoantibody tests run depends on which "panel" was requested by your doctor. If you care to share those test names, people here might be able to comment further.

Dry Schirmer's test. Was your result positive? If it was, the autoantibody I'd look for first would be anti-Ro. Anti-Ro is associated with Sjogren's syndrome, and it can also be positive in people with lupus.

For some very basic info on lupus, you could read all the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located right above the user threads. On the one containing diagnostic criteria, be sure to scroll way down, to see a SECOND list of so-called "alternative criteria".

Re 15q13.3 chromosome duplication. I don't know what issues this might be responsible for, but I assume ALL your doctors do?

I'm really sorry you're dealing with these issues & facing tests and appointments. Never easy! But the good news is that your ANA finding may have just given your team of doctors a solid head start into figuring you out and treating you. I'm glad you found us and hope you post again soon. We'll watch for your updates. Wishing you better days ahead, sincerely, Vee
Thank you both so much for all of the valuable info. My thyroid levels always come back normal. They have been checked several times. My a1c is always normal as well. The labs they ran in addition to my ana were... C reactive protein 1.3 H, anti dsDNA 81, SED RATE 6, anti rnp antibody 16, SCL-70 igG ANTIBODY 27, anti smooth muscle antibody 12.2, anti ssa 29, anti ssb 20, free t4 1.10, HIBE IGG 1.0, and two ana positives (both were 1:1280).
ANA is very non specific. DSDNA & Anti -Smith are more specific although not often positive in lupus.

Im curious if you have the referance ranges available in the other antibody tests (anti dsdna, rnp, anti smooth muscle, etc) or if they were flagged high? Those are the more specific antibodies to lupus, sjrogrens, scleroderma, etc etc.
Everything was within normal ranges except for the C reactive protein and it was barely within the high parameters.
Sometimes these things take time to develop, the bloodwork can be positive years before symptoms, or symptoms can arise before bloodwork.

My SED & CRP are always bottom of the bucket low even when I swell, my rheum doesnt test mine anymore. However, I have an insanely positive response to prednisone - which implies that there is inflammation.

I also get the very dry eyes & sometimes mouth, but anti ro & la are normal.
They treat this issue the same as they would with sjrogrens - I use restasis, lotemax (steroid) drops as needed, and was finally given punctal plugs - as a combo these things are awesome, they dont solve ALL the issues, but they help. I would highly suggest seeing an optometrist/opthamologist for the dry eye issue if you havent already. Getting some relief in that area helps the soul quite a bit.
Good to know alicake. Thank you! My rheumatologist and allergist both told me about the 15% of the population with a positive ana and nothing else, but they said those are not usually a high positive like mine (1:1280). They both acted like symptoms would be coming. My appointment in August is with Dr. David Mclain. He is the guru around here and many people travel out of state to see him. He will only use a lab in CA that goes very indepth on their slides etc. maybe he can shed some light? He is know to treat the lab results regardless of symptoms or no symptoms. Would you take medication based on my high positive (without any symptoms) or would you wait to see if symptoms develop first?
Yes, I always thought my dry eyes were due to a chemical burn (bleach in the well while I was in the shower). My corneas are scarred and I have had dry eyes ever since. Restasys did not help after trying for several months so i stopped. I do have permanent plugs and they seem to help a little. I had to give up contacts years ago because of the dryness, and ceiling fans kill my eyes.
Restasis is hit or miss with working according to my optometrist.

I stocked up on different types of eye drops. Gels, liquid, single packs, oily/petroleum types. It's good to always have something available in different types. Some days the oily ones help, some days only the liquid types help.

My optometrist told me to also take high dose omega3s (2g day). I don't know if it's helping but my rheum and Gastro agree it can help with a lot of things, not just the dry eye.
Hot(warm) packs on the eye help a lot on bad dry evenings. However they bring on terrible migraines for me.

There is something called lacrisert that I was going to ask my optometrist about. They're wetting inserts so you don't have to keep using drops on a bad flare of dry eye. I don't know how well they actually work- but could be an option
In the labs you posted the anti dsDNA is significantly elevated and that test is very specific to lupus. Could you please repost the rest of the labs with the reference ranges in (). These vary somewhat lab to lab, and would help in evaluating whether neg or positive. Thanks!

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