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New member
Sep 7, 2007
... no systoms. what is this all abuot. i was told to follow up with my pcp onmonday but guess waht it is friday and i am a reck worring. can you have a postive ana wtih that result and be completley fine with no lupus no anything or is it pretty clear i have something with those levels....? ... (10 replies)
... So then I got the ZILLION other dna tests that cleared me of Lupus and the ANA wenht back to Normal. ... (3 replies)
... I wish I could help, but have no clue. The only thing I know is that the ANA Titer is doubled; ie. 1/180 then 1/360 , etc. Mine was 1/10240 which is high, but I had a speckled pattern. From what I've read, speckled can be different auto-immune issues whereas some of the other patterns are more specific for different diseases. I have been confused when I see people write a... (4 replies)

... Thank you once again VeeJ for your knowledge on all this difficult physical stuff going on in the body. My last ANA test in June was 1:180 when my Dr. did the lymes rash. I asked him to do it for me to see if had changed any.. and he doesn't do the CP test one on me. I guess the rheumy dr would do that, once I make myself go when I can't take it anymore. Now that my... (11 replies)
... I'm puzzled by your report of the ANA. The ANA is written as a ratio. ... (7 replies)
... Well one test said it was Homogeneous and another test had said it was mixed, Homogenous and Speckled and the ANA Titer was different with each. ... (5 replies)
... Test Name LUPUS (SLE) PANEL ANA SCREEN, IFA ANA, IFA PATTERN ANA, IFA TITER <1:40 1:40-1:80 >1:80 In Range HOMOGENEOUS Negative Low Antibody Level Elevated Antibody Level Out Of Range POSITIVE 1:40 H (0 replies)
... she thinks. I don't understand the "undeterminable" ANA though.. what the heck did they mean by that! Maybe the blood was contaminated or something? ... (5 replies)
... Hey, it's exactly a month since I found y'all! If only I had more answeres o.O A refresher: ANA 1:320 Speckled (Dec 02) ANA 1:80 Homogeneous (Mar 04) platelet count of 585 (Mar 04) protein in urine (Mar 04) Now I've been to the Special Specialist on Friday. Another slew of x-rays show no joint degeneration. Today I get the fax of the blood results, which says 'lab... (1 replies)
... Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and just got diagnosed with Lupus last week. Some background info: I have hypothyroidism--on meds and under control--but didn't show Antithyroid antibodies (TPOAb). Had my 1st pregnancy followed by miscarriage in March (5 months ago). Six weeks ago, I was perfectly normal and healthy. Then, I woke up one morning, with the left... (3 replies)
... Also, My ANA came back positive! It does depend on each lab ratio, but most main lab corporations,,,,,,,LAB CORP, ... (16 replies)
May 2, 2015
... i am so confused at this point. I had a positive Ana of 1:180 in Dec, then another positive Ana of 1:160 in April. My Rhuem didn't even examine me or talk my symptoms seriously. He just told me its Fibromyalgia and gave me a script for Lyrica. I got a copy of my blood test and I am trying to decode them but it is useless. I guess what I am asking is, does anyone know what... (3 replies)
... is equivocal and greater than 180 is positive. So my rheumatologist is saying my labs are normal...but yet everything I'm reading online says otherwise. ... (1 replies)
... I had a positive ANA 1:80, homogeneous pattern. Referred to rheumatologist and thus more labs and had a thyroperoxidase antibody lab come back greater than 900 and normal lab reference range is 0-9..hence a diagnosis of Hashimotos. I had a anti-dsDNA done and the result was 99.99 with reference range beING negative for less than 150, equivocal for 150-180, and positive for... (3 replies)
... Hello everyone, this is my 1st time on this, so please bare with me! Im a 25 year old female and for the last 5 months I have been having the strangest symptoms....... 1) Swollen and painful lymphnodes behind both ears, and along hair line some in the neck but are very small and then turned into hard balls! 2) Pain 'stabing/or like I have splinters behind the knee caps,... (16 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear what you are going thru!!!! I know that your stress level must be to the max- and that doesn't help anthing you have! Look at fibromyalgia descriptions- FM is never diagnosed by test results, in fact often mimics lupus but without theblab confirmation. Don't get discouraged. You have something physical going on and it is just going to take time. Be glad... (3 replies)
... irritable bowel syndrome. That's one of them. Diabetes is another. What was the ratio of yur ANA titer? ... (5 replies)
Jan 16, 2005
... I just was looking at my lab results i had taken. i am a little bit confused. i am in the"normal" range of the white blood cell count. The range is 4.0 to 12 my test result is 4.2. Is this something to be concerned about? I am switiching drs. I just picked up these lab results from the drs office. Also, the sodium .......normal range is 135 to 145 ... (4 replies)
Is it lupus or ?
May 8, 2004
... My 16 year old daughter was complaining of cold hands all the time. They would turn purple or blue and tingle. I took her to her primary and she ran an ANA which came back positive. I believe it was 1:180. She sent us to the rhumatologist he said she had raynauds syndrome. He ran a bunch of tests and the anti cardiolipin test came back hi I cant remeber what he said that... (1 replies)
... My GP referred me to him do to the chronic low WBC as well as low neutrophils and esophils(sp) also. I've had this for years, WBC always below 4000, usually it is below 3000, now it is 2,600 and lower. He checked all my blood work from the last 3 yrs and ANA positive twice at only 1:180. He is guessing it is Lupus but is running a boat load of tests. Now he asked for my last... (5 replies)

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