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... She is wrong, a titer that high is not common. I have done tons of reading on this... ... (19 replies)
... while we're wiaiting for help, I'll list the tests that my rheumatologist routinely runs each visit to monitor activity, then normal range and then any notes abt the test or mine: (she runs all the ones you listed, plus :) Ant-DNA (SLE) pos or neg (mine's always neg) C-3 quantitative 88-201 C-4 quantitative 15-45 if ANA titer is high&this low: = possible... (8 replies)
... I said to the rheumy, i've heard ANA can be elevated when you are fighting an active virus, and he said, no it can't. Well, I read EVERYWHERE that it can. ... (5 replies)

... Hi all, I went to my PCP for joint pain, fatigued, feeling run down and malaise. To give you a background, I have diabetes and had my thyroid removed. Based on my symptoms he ran alot of tests. I just received my bloodwork and it reads the following: Nuclear (ANA) Antibody Value = Speckled Nuclear (ANA) Antibody Titer = 1:40 Nuclear (ANA) Antibody Presence =... (5 replies)
... Hi, I am just starting the process of diagnosis. All I know is that I've been sick for 5 years and have gotten the run around like most of you. I had an ANA test done four years ago and the titer was 1:80 so no one pursued it. Since then, I have become anemic and just had another ANA and the titer is now 1:640. I have some skin issues but not alot. Just a general flu-like... (1 replies)
... Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you're struggling so much, but we get that here! But before I move on, no worries about your English, please---it's great! Could you clarify that last ANA result you described as "1:100"? I only ask because if it was done by the titer method, 1:100 isn't valid. (1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, etc. are valid.) But if it's a single number (the... (16 replies)
False Positive??
Jul 3, 2009
... Hi, JRhea, WELCOME. ANA is a titer test. A substance is added to the sample that fluoresces certain antinuclear antibodies, if any are even present. ... (2 replies)
... I had the blood work done right after taking Cymbalta, Synthroid and had on a Lidoderm patch for pain, so my pain was mild then, if that makes any difference. I have terrible fatigue, drag myself out of bed and when I get home from work, just sit. I can't do anything anymore and my house is a mess. I have terrible migraines, terrible IBS, so that I don't like to eat out. My... (15 replies)
... Hi. I'm just a patient, and these are just my guesses, so please read in that light, OK? Re anti-ds-DNA, you could find 11 diagnostic/classification criteria for lupus in the "sticky post" section located right above the thread list. These may be met serially, meaning not simultaneously: envision checking each off in indelible ink, once met. You'll see that the anti-ds-DNA... (3 replies)
... I'm curious to what your ANA itself was. Was it positive or negative? ... (1 replies)
... Your ANA is positive, but I agree, a bit low, I'd have it rechecked at a later time to see if the titers raise. ... (15 replies)
... Hi and welcome! This is not a normal titer number, I think a zero was left off the end or something. Titers double and go like this.... ... (7 replies)
New test results
Oct 2, 2012
... Hi. I think both in your 2nd set are higher than in your 1st set. ANA is a titer test done by diluting your sample with a control substance until the fluorescence disappears. ... (2 replies)
... :wave: Hi ya'll... It's been a few weeks since I've been on here. Had surgery Dec. 9th (recovered now) then the holidays and these last 2 weeks have been running in circles trying to dig up old records, receipts, calling docs asking for receipts and so much more........ because my tax preparer who did my 2002 tax return was found to have been involved in fraudulent... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with lupus 2 1/2 years ago. I had been sick for 3 years prior the first year with only extreme fatigue and the next 2 year increasing pain in my extremities. This pain is often extreme down to the bone I use to wonder if I did not have some bone disease and always wondered how can the bottom of my feet hurt so much when I have not even been on them. Finally my... (8 replies)
... and a lymes disease titer that is pending. I am now on prednisone for a horrible flare that started a couple days ago. I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel on this steroid. ... (18 replies)
... Thank you so much for responding. I pray you get to feelin better really soon. I know how the fatigue & pain thing can be, I've been dealing with it for quite some time now. We seem to have alot of the same sympoms. I just recently got over an ulcer that was on my tonsil & the week before that sores on my tounge. What were the symptoms of the lung inflammation? I've been... (10 replies)
... I was diagnosed after a year of extreme fatigue and the next year extreme pain. At first they thought Fibromyalgia. I get sores in my mouth all of the time. My doctor did the blood work and I had a ANA titer speckled patter of 1:640. That got me the diagnosis of Connective Tissue Disease-Inflammatory arthritis. Last year I was diagnosed with COPD-chronic inflammation of the... (10 replies)
Please help me!
Oct 20, 2010
... I have been literally suffering for years from crazy symptoms that I have always found a reason for, I don't go to the doc for fear of sounding crazy. I Have been to a cardiologist, GI doc, and an ENT doc. finally the ENT doc did blood work and said my ANA is positive with a 1:640 titer homogenous. He is sending me to a rheumatologist for possibly lupus. As much as I would... (1 replies)
... Symptoms in Bold: I am very interested to see if anyone else has experienced them! 3 yrs ago: migrating, bilateral rash (always hits both sides of body), initially on chest, then ankles/chins, then arms, then flanks/thighs. Mild most of the time, but immersion in hot water (bath) or shower causes EXTREME itchiness, almost to the degree of pain. Never a butterfly rash on... (4 replies)

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