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... I won't go into my whole history, but briefly here is a little. I'm a 55 Y.O. male who has always had a sunshine sensitivity. Sometimes breaking out in horrible hives and having to stop exercising and taking benedril for the rest of the day. This has occured intermittantly since I was a teenager. I have been having classic migraine with aura for about 10 years and am fatigued... (3 replies)
... Yes , it was the results by crithidia ifa testing. The only other abnormal was the high RNP and Ana of 1:160 speckled pattern over the year. I did have a skin biopsy which showed maybe indication of lupus. Like I said the rheumy just said udct even with the high RNP, but now said probably lupus. So Vee, would a 1:320 dna ds ab like really high when the normal is below 1:10?... (5 replies)
... I did see my PCP today and he said yelp looks like lupus and that my dna ds was on the upper end of mild level and with all the other testing, lupus is finally showing itself. ... (5 replies)

... Deana, I actually think (but I'm no doctor) that the multiple high anti-ds-DNA tests are saying something important. This is one of the KEY & DEFINITIVE tests done for SLE, after all. You need to get someone to explain why it's NOT being interpreted as lupus, at least in my utterly non-medical mind. To contrast your tests to what mine showed---mine was a trickier... (21 replies)
... and a positive high anti ds dna at 38..I think it said over 9 was considered positive. I have zero symptoms of lupus and am now scared to death I have lupus. Could this mean anything else? ... (9 replies)
... Can someone tell me what a DS (double stranded) Anti-DNA result of <10 means? That's all the info I have. (2 replies)
... Hi All, I'm a 26 year old female who has been experiencing achy joints and a weak feeling in my legs for the past few weeks. I went to the doctor who ordered bloodwork, which came back normal except for the following: WBC 11.0 (Normal is 4-10.5) ANA Direct Positive - There was no number provided, it just said Positive Anti-Chromatin Antibodies - 1.8 I was negative... (2 replies)
Anti DNA ds
Oct 22, 2003
... Does anyone know what the normal range for the anti DNAds test is? ... (5 replies)
... Hello all who replied! Wow, I had no idea what response my post would generate. I am grateful for this. Where I was feeling very confused, I at least have SOME clue what to do next! My rheumy is the ONLY one in Southwestern Ontario who could take me. We have one here in a nearby city who USED to have a 2 year waiting list to get in. Now he does not take new patients... (21 replies)
... Hi, Dee Have you seen the "sticky post" at the top of the Board on test results? It has a resource you should check. Go into it, then into Rheumatology, then into "Lab Tests in Lupus"; then read the sections on ANA/FANA and on anti-ds-DNA. What's weird is that the article specifies an ANA level that's usually "met" in lupus patients. BUT there's ALSO, in the very next... (21 replies)
... Hi. I didn't quite follow your first sentence. Were those the findings for anti-ds-DNA (anti-double-stranded DNA) on a "Crithidia immunofluorescence test"? Crithidia may be an older test with substantial pitfalls; ELISA may be more common today....? (I'm not knowledgeable on the various generations of these tests, so I hope others who know more will comment.) Was anti-RNP... (5 replies)
... Hi. Do you have hardcopy of the labs, or were results read over the phone? My lab prints out-of-range vs. in-range values in separate columns. For anti-ds-DNA, my lab uses these ranges, BUT there's no guarantee your lab uses the same. For something this important, I'd ask the doctor for hardcopy. < 25, Negative; 25-34.9, Equivocal; 35-99.9, Weakly Positive; 100-200,... (2 replies)
Please help
Aug 7, 2016
... Hi! I was hoping maybe someone could help me here. I'm scared and waiting to hear from the rheumatologist a office to schedule. Very new to all of this. I had some bloodwork done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and now my dr is referring me to a rheumatologist. The "asap" on the notes is alarming to me. It's difficult to find any actual number values online to see where... (8 replies)
Anti-DNA and Sm
Apr 28, 2009
... Postie, your dr. explained to you that NOT finding anti-ds-DNA or anti-Sm is a "good thing". Yes, it certainly is. But not finding ANY answers in four years doesn't strike me as a "good thing". My local drs. doubtless focused too much on anti-ds-DNA. The joke (?) was that I was eventually Dx'ed with *Ro-lupus*, a tiny subgroup that probably accounts for only several... (13 replies)
... Hi. Why not get a copy from your GP of the labs that showed high DNA? Then start a personal file, and maintain it at least while going thru the evaluation process. Then you'd know which kind* of DNA, the value + hopefully the reference range to make sense of the value. (* BTW, anti-double-stranded-DNA is redolent of systemic lupus, whereas anti-single-stranded-DNA suggests... (6 replies)
... Hi, again. Anti-ds-DNA is one of the two autoantibodies that really shout, "It's lupus!" (The other is anti-Sm.) If you test positive for it, it's pretty much a given that you have lupus. Further, I *think* anti-ds-DNA levels improve (meaning decrease) when lupus is under good control. So if a rheumie sees high levels, she/he will probably re-evaluate meds, the... (6 replies)
... I am in NO WAY an expert but I know that anti ds dna is ONE of the tests used to diagnosis Lupus. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Coco; My ANA numbers are the same as yours (as well as having the high Anti-ds-dna)... I find it curious that more is not being done. I need to get off my duff & get more bloodwork done. I have just been denied ODSP benefits. I expected that to happen though & am working on my appeal. I had not yet been dx'd with anything when I was first made to file. Since I... (21 replies)
... Hey Patience & Vee, Interesting response to the Lhermitte's sign that I mentioned. Many of my symptoms ARE in my neck. Sometimes it hurts so bad I want to vomit. However my B-12 levels are good, I had them tested not long ago. I take a sublingual B-12 supplement, as I cannot tolerate the shots. Not to mention the preservatives in them. Thanks, but no thanks! But I was... (21 replies)
... when i was first diagnosed with lupus my ana was 1:640 and my DsDNA was 1:40 and i had no symptoms at all until one summer my muscles got inflamed..then i started getting sick and by the time i was in a lupus crisis it went through the roof..My ana then was 1:2400(AND SOMETHING) and my DsDNA was 1:5200(and something) Anti-DNA is an immunoglobulin specific against native... (2 replies)

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