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... ut when my GP called me he said that the Rheumatologist downplayed everything and said I probably had some kind of "Lupus like" syndrome and to simply repeat the test in six months or so. I think my doc sensed that I was surprised and a little caught off guard. ... (3 replies)
... antibody does is attack the DNA in your cells. Not a good thing. ... (21 replies)
... I'm Confused As To What This Blood Test Is For. I Was Recently Switched To A Woman Rheumy In The Same Hospital, And I Saw Her Yesterday. I Have A Very Big Folder, And Was Diagnosed 1997. ... (6 replies)

... Can someone tell me what a DS (double stranded) Anti-DNA result of <10 means? That's all the info I have. (2 replies)
... DNA test that he said was high. ... (21 replies)
... i am i asked my doctor for a few blood tests to find out why i was miscarrying, i found these tests on a website for infertility. Anyway i had no idea what these test meant when i had them done. Two of them came back very low positive, and i am terrified. ... (3 replies)
... Hold onto those test results for dear life! My doctors didn't tell me about a positive result I had years ago. Mine was 151, hardly a low positive but I had no idea!! ... (6 replies)
... when i was first diagnosed with lupus my ana was 1:640 and my DsDNA was 1:40 and i had no symptoms at all until one summer my muscles got inflamed..then i started getting sick and by the time i was in a lupus crisis it went through the roof..My ana then was 1:2400(AND SOMETHING) and my DsDNA was 1:5200(and something) Anti-DNA is an immunoglobulin specific against native... (2 replies)
... I am in NO WAY an expert but I know that anti ds dna is ONE of the tests used to diagnosis Lupus. ... (2 replies)
... understand how I flew beneath the radar, as my test results were not the "classic" ones. However, my Manhattan rheumie did NOT understand why my suburban drs. missed it for so many years, not one little bit. ... (21 replies)
... Hi. Do you have hardcopy of the labs, or were results read over the phone? My lab prints out-of-range vs. in-range values in separate columns. For anti-ds-DNA, my lab uses these ranges, BUT there's no guarantee your lab uses the same. For something this important, I'd ask the doctor for hardcopy. < 25, Negative; 25-34.9, Equivocal; 35-99.9, Weakly Positive; 100-200,... (2 replies)
... my blood test showed anti-double stranded anti-DNA level of 2, what does that mean (2 replies)
... Like most of you, I have been tested for everything under the sun over the last 4 years. Some time early on, my primary ran an ANA to test for lupus and when it came back negative that was that. A rheumy also ran one a year or so ago, also negative. ... (1 replies)
... your test results. ... (3 replies)
... if he didn't run that test yet. I hope you keep posting here. Keep at it! ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for your input VeeJ. The followup with my GP is open. It's pretty much up to me. I can see him on fairly short notice. Since I posted my message I have done some reading and I see that many rheumie's diagnose a patient with Lupus based solely on the anti-ds-DNA. Makes sense if it is very selective and it is so hard to make a diagnosis otherwise anyway. I'll discuss this... (3 replies)
Anti-DNA and Sm
Apr 28, 2009
... DNA abs so it may not be as reliable of a test as others to indicate lupus. ... (13 replies)
... Can anyone tell me what this test means --my ana was 1.360 but I also have Hashimoto's --(thyroid autoimmune disease)--anyway my doctor did some further testing and my anti-DNA 0-99 normal range--mine was 68 what does this mean --I don't think I have lupus but should it be 0? (1 replies)
... ro test on me as well? ... (21 replies)
... Now a really important question. My allergist perscribed me the anti DNA test and the C3 and C4 and some more Lupus indicators. Should I try and take these tests when I feel crappy and have lots of rashes? ... (2 replies)

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