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... Well, yesterday I couldn't take it anymore. I was so achy and tired and my abdomen hurt so bad that I went to the emergency room. They gave me a little pill for nausea and vomitting (even though I never vomit just feel naucious). My bladder was hurting and burning sooo bad, but somehow, I can't explain it, it doesn't feel like a UTI because the burning sensation isn't there... (19 replies)
... I have my blood results back since today and under the Lupus (SLE) Panel it says: ANA IFA Screen Reflex with Titer Anti-Nuclear AB Positive (Out of range) What does that mean? Is it Lupus, could it be Lupus, could it be something else? I am trying to find out what is wrong with me since 2 and a half years...down below is the original post I posted on this website. I know it is... (19 replies)
... Hi, again. The lupus criteria are confusing! For example, anti-Sm is only one of a dozen or more antibodies seen in lupus; it "makes" the list because it's considered pretty much "diagnostic", but a person can easily have lupus without anti-Sm. Another example is anti-RNP, seen in lupus *and* in MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease), AND maybe other things, too (not sure).... (19 replies)

... Hello, I need to know what this is, I just came from my doctor and she is testing me for it. I have chronic back pain and it is so bad that the pain shoots from my butt down my leg and my leg also stays num. My joyins her, if I sit to long it is hard for me to get up and walk, in the morning it's hard to get out the bed, so I thought I my have atharitis, I may have spelled it... (3 replies)
... ValleyCat, about your URINARY issues (frequency, blood in urine, and bladder never feeling empty). You should mention to the gastro, in that he'll need to know ALL symptoms. He may step in (he's a doctor, too), OR he may recommend a urologist. (OK, I just paused & reread entire thead.) Stones & infection were ruled out, right? That would make me wonder about something... (19 replies)
... Valleycat, in the presence of symptoms, a positive ANA indicates that further tests are warranted. The reason is that ANA is positive in many conditions, not just lupus. In your shoes, I'd try to see a rheumatologist. I'm only a patient, but some of your symptoms are eye-catching. For example, tongue sticking to roof of mouth, with dry eyes: makes me think of Sjogren's... (19 replies)
... Hi I hope you can help me. I posted yesterday - asking whether or not what is happening with me is lupus or fibromyalgia. One of the replies (thank you for replying!) said that it "sounds like fibromyalgia and that is a death sentence". That is so upsetting. Here is the post: (7 replies)
... Hi This is my very first post and I hope someone can help me interpret some new information... I'm 42, Female, consider myself to be healthy except that I have epilepsy, since my teens, well controlled w/ medication. Went to my primary dr. - overall achy, terrible pain - as if I had worked out to the point of total muscle exhaustion. Feel in mostly in my legs, but... (3 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for your help with the site. I am a bit technology challenged. I made a mistake with the garbage diagnosis as differentiated connective tissue it should be Undifferentiated connective tissue disease. My labs are as follows on 7-7-06 Anti-Nuclear AB Titer positive ANA pattern speckled 1:80 WBC alittle low 4.0 All other CBC stuff... (1 replies)
... Yikes! Your mom really is flaring BIG time. Did you mean 1:320 instead of 1:32? I think it may have been a type-o. I can tell you what this all means. Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive <--- Means her ANA is positive Ana Titer - 1:32 <--- I think you meant 1:320? That is very positive Ana Pattern- Homogeneous Speckled <--- Indicates LUPUS pattern, this pattern is... (12 replies)
... Hey you, I am going to refer back to the blood work that you posted a couple of weeks ago first of all: Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive Ana Titer - 1:320 Ana Pattern- Homogeneous Speckled Anti Scl 70 Ab-eia Abnormal Scl 70 Weak Positive (30) (8 replies)
... Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive Ana Titer - 1:32 Ana Pattern- Homogeneous Speckled Anti Scl 70 Ab-eia Abnormal Scl 70 Weak Positive (30) Scl 70 Ab, Immunodifusion Normal Scl 70 Westblot Positive (abnormal) Anti Ro Ab Ss-a Eia Moderate Pos Diagnosis Sjogrens Syndrome Anti La Ab Ss-b Eia Weak Positive (21) (12 replies)
... The reason for the immunologist is because even though I have some abnormal blood test results/symptoms pointing toward Lupus I also have an extremely high igm serum - it is 962 when it should be between 48 and 271. Other results (older) are anti-nuclear AB - positive anti nuclear AB titer - high ANA pattern - speckled My doctor just seems to want this checked out first... (5 replies)
... Hi Veej, my Fibro diagnosis was years ago and symptoms were widespread pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, and just feeking horrible and flulike for months (ironically following the worst flu I ever had) The doc did bloodwork at the time to rule out other things but also did the trigger point test and I had all of them. I didn't want to believe it so saw 3 different docs back then... (12 replies)
... Hello everyone, For years I have suffered with symptoms suspicious to Lupus as well as doctors suspecting it but bloodwork was questionable. Can you please tell me if anything here seems suspicious? Igm serum - 950 (very high) normal range is 48-271 Anti-nuclear AB - equiviocal Anti-nuclear AB titer - high ANA pattern - speckled. I am being referred (again) to ... (3 replies)
Test results help
Oct 19, 2006
... I got my 2 yr olds results any help would be great. Test Normal results Anti-Nuclear Ab--- {none Det} Detected f Anti-Nuclear Ab by IFA,IgG- {<1:40} 1:80f Immunoglobulin D--------- {1.0-7.4} <0.2 Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Phenotype- 76-190 ... (1 replies)
... Went to the dr because I was tired and he ran a bunch of blood tests, among them a Lupus scan. The lab screwed up and ran the full battery of tests. I asked for a copy of all my reports today and see that everything came back negative except Anti Nuclear Ab and that is a Positve Under that it says Anti Nuclear Ab Titer 40H ANA Pattern Speckled What does this mean? ... (0 replies)
... while we're wiaiting for help, I'll list the tests that my rheumatologist routinely runs each visit to monitor activity, then normal range and then any notes abt the test or mine: (she runs all the ones you listed, plus :) Ant-DNA (SLE) pos or neg (mine's always neg) C-3 quantitative 88-201 C-4 quantitative 15-45 if ANA titer is high&this low: = possible... (8 replies)
... Hi Jeannie, Whew! you have a LOT on your plate right now, and that's without anything going goofy with your health. Some of the test your doc is running may be the anti-nuclear antibody or anti-nuclear AB(that would be a specific description of how the nucleus of the cell looks and the description points to certain autoimmune disorders- Lupus ususally is smooth/speckled); or... (5 replies)
A Lupus Question?
Jun 14, 2003
... DNA AB Double Stranded... ... (5 replies)

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