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... antinuclear ab 7. ... (6 replies)
... antinuclear ab strongly positive 7. ... (6 replies)
... what is antinuclear ab hep-2 (titer) 120? (0 replies)

... Hello... I have a question that I was hoping someone who help me with. Recently I went for bloodwork and the doctor added a test for Lupus because my mom has it. He tested me for: Antinuclear AB w/RFX IFA Anti-Nuclear AN (3 replies)
... Wondering, we've all read & been told that ANA can be positive without underlying condition, for such reasons as a passing virus, aging (esp. women), a family tendency, etc. I think 1:320 is considered low-ish. (You should ask.) But having a positive ESR is an indicator of inflammation, I think. Some test values rise & fall as symptoms come & go, thus timing of tests... (6 replies)
... Wondering, I can't tell what your second test is. I've often seen the word "autoantibody" abbreviated as "ab"... But with a number (7.3) shown, I'd expect some specific autoantibody NAME to appear somewhere in that line. Hmmmmm! Sorry I can't help. Have you discussed these results with the dr. who ordered them? Sincerely, Vee (6 replies)
... Hello, I need to know what this is, I just came from my doctor and she is testing me for it. I have chronic back pain and it is so bad that the pain shoots from my butt down my leg and my leg also stays num. My joyins her, if I sit to long it is hard for me to get up and walk, in the morning it's hard to get out the bed, so I thought I my have atharitis, I may have spelled it... (3 replies)
... Hi, I havent been diagnosed yet and go to a rheumatologist in a few days for my 1st appt due to a positive antinuclear ab test (nucleolar) due to a history of joint pain, IBS, depression, muscle pain, rash on my face I have several questions some test results are unexplained: what does this mean? Estimated glomerular filtraction rate >60* bilirubin total 1.6H cyclic... (7 replies)
Lab Results?
May 9, 2010
... Hello! I was diagnosed with SLE 5 years ago and because of new problems my Rheumy is running a lot of labs for Behcet's and other auto immune issues. I have no idea what the results mean. If anyone could help me interpret them I would really appreciate it! I don't see him again for the results for 4 more weeks. Thanks! 25DRIA: 44 SED RATE: 1 ANTINUCLEAR AB: Negative ... (0 replies)
Test results
Dec 13, 2004
... Hi everyone, It's been so long since I've been here I really forget about this room.What can I say the lupus memory is really going.Hope eveyone is doing well. Can anyone explain these test result to me: ANTINUCLEAR AB SCR W/RFX IFA ANA EIA POSITIVE SM/RNP AB, EIA 6.00H RHEUMATOID FACTOR 34H (1 replies)
... OK, I don't know which tests are important, so I am going to list them all. If anyone can help me figure out whats going on I would appreciate it. I will list my symptoms after the results, sorry so long!!! Please let me know your thoughts & if you think I can have Lupus. :rolleyes: ESR,WESTERGREN: normal 1 (ref range 0-30) VITAMIN B12,SERUM: normal 353 (ref range... (7 replies)
... Wondering, here's a question you could ask. Aparently there are three (at least) different ANA testing methods: ELISA, Farr, and Crithidia. So, maybe your lab did two different ANA tests, and they were both positive? Anyway, I hope you can get answers from your dr. soon. Warm wishes, Vee (6 replies)
... Wondering, good morning. I believe in lupus, C3 & C4 may go low, not high. But you could ask your dr. in which rheumatological conditions (if any) C3 elevates. When your ears are red-hot, are they red? Can you see "bumps" along the bony edges? (The cartilage in my outer ears can inflame. I used to know a term for this, but I forget. Sorry!) Have you seen the... (6 replies)
... I am seeing a rheumatologist! I have been very achy, my thyroid is up and a few other random things that all don't seem to add up. My ear gets red hot like in relapsing polychondritis but without any pain. My gp sent me to the rheumatologist because of my titer....which is up from a few years ago when it was 1:160. My c3 complement test came back very high too (205) -... (6 replies)
... All the labs are different, Just wanted to share. On one page of my lab work. It Shows: Antinuclear AB IU/ml Method of reporting Titer Method of reporting <7.5 Not Det. 8 1:40-1:80 (3 replies)
... Hello. I have chronic back pain, and the pain is so bad that it shoots down from my butt to my leg, and is always num. I my have thought I have atheritis, but doctor said don't think so, it may be anti-nuclear. Can someone tell me more about it? I also had many miscarrages to, but was told it is blood clots. (3 replies)
Antinuclear AB
Nov 22, 2004
... Dear Alirah, No one test definitely indicates Lupus however some test or given more weight in regards to the diagnosis than others. A positive ANA is a test that shows some type of autoimmune disorder going on in the body. It can also show up in the body of healthy individuals. The Anti-Dsdna when positive is more indicative of Lupus and gives more weight to the... (1 replies)
Antinuclear AB
Nov 21, 2004
... Hi Everyone, Does this test defintely indicates Lupus? Thanks (1 replies)
... Hi TeeRose, Did those tests show a "titre" on them? What that means is that it would show a value of 1:40 etc. If you can find out the titre AND the stain that makes all the difference in the world. I think that equivical means that it was slightly positive, meaning that you do have a positive ANA. Do you have symptoms of Lupus? If you don't have symptoms BUT you have... (3 replies)
Mar 15, 2014
... I decided to post my recent results so you guys can check them out. I read on another posts where borderline results can be significant, so here they are. ANA IFA SCREEN W/REFL TO TITER AND PATTERN, IFA ANA SCREEN, IFA POSITIVE (NEGATIVE) March 11, 2014 DIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST (DAT) DIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST (DAT) NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) March 11, 2014 SM ANTIBODY SM... (76 replies)

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