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Test results
Mar 3, 2014
... Right now I'm not going to let this get to me. Looked over my blood work for the past year and that keeps getting worse. All I know is I want to start feeling better but don't we all want that. ... (9 replies)
... ANA Screen IFA POSITIVE ANA Pattern 1 HOMOGENEOUS ANA Titer 1 1:40 Reference Range <1:40 Negative 1:40-1:80 Low Antibody Level >1:80 Elevated Antibody Level My PCP ran blood work on me b/c of my symptoms. This is what we got back. I am going to my first rheumatologist appointment tomorrow. Just wondering what all this means. Any insight would be greatly... (4 replies)
Test results
Jul 2, 2012
... for some good advice once in a while. I just want to offer something for you to think about. I also have Hashmotos and also have had some of the same confusing blood work and one of my biggest problems is joint pain. ... (14 replies)

... and mild peripheral neuropathy. At the first appt with my rheum., he was very dismissive of any of my symptoms. At the follow up to get my blood work, he was a little more concerned, but still didn't think my symptoms fit a connective tissue issue. ... (5 replies)
Q @ ANA results
Apr 10, 2011
... I also have fatigue and trouble breathing but my ANA stays stubbornly negative I had to have a skin biopsy to get diagnosed as all my blood work continues to be negative five years after symptoms started. ... (2 replies)
... nyway he is running a few test that are for autoimmue problems just in case. Ive had those checked a few years back which I didn't realize until looking at old blood work all of which were normal including the Sejourgen syndrome. ... (5 replies)
... to see a rheumatolgist. I never can remember everything to tell her anymore, so this will help a lot. Besides, as I mentioned before, I've had to ask her to get blood work done for both my low thyroid and for the ANA. Thanks again. ... (15 replies)
... in 02, he did the pinpoint test and told me under no circumstances did I have Fibro, he said it was mild lupus, and that the disease would manifest itself in my blood work later on. Well, I still have the Fibro diagnosis. I think it is MCTD as it does not affect your kidneys, but can with your lungs and heart. ... (10 replies)
... ed for a while, problem is I've built up a tolerance. Have an appt. in another week to see if PCP can do anything about the fatigue. All rheumy did was test my blood work again and of course it was fine. That was it, didn't offer any other solutions. I think he is slowing down to retire. I may want to find someone new. ... (10 replies)
... u have an AI disease. Even thyroid disease can be taken back. How many people with Lupus are dx'd and then told later on they don't have it after a round of good blood work. I think drs are just a little goofy, if they are giving you meds to treat it and make it better, then geez, meds are working, so just shut the hell up. ... (10 replies)
... Here's a question....I'm full of them:dizzy:....;) On my blood work it states (because my RNP was 2.1 POS) "RNP antibody is found in patients with mixed connective tissue disease in high titer. This antibody may also be seen in SLE and other connective tissue diseases..." I've looked and looked. First, unlike the specific autoimmune diseases, I cannot find a specific... (15 replies)
... Well I go back on November 24 to go over my blood work. my inital visit was the 27th of October. Its been a while. I did pretty good...trying not to think about things, but my anxiety is slowly building up!! ... (3 replies)
... hi! just to second Vee - don't worry about *wasting anyones time* we all know the angst of waiting. so if a few kind words can help get you thru then post away and we will try support any way we can! even if you are not dx with lupus then at least you got thru that too! i sat in the sun for a few minutes today and started feeling nauseous (dont know if it is my sinuses or... (6 replies)
... Thanks, Love. That means a lot. My fast was pretty red after the pool yesterday. The left side had a harder line where my rash is and my chin was pretty red. I had SPF 75 on, uva and uvb protection. No where on any of us, and my youngest son is white as white can be lol, was red, so it was a rash, no doubt. This am, I woke up really tired and my stomach was bothering... (6 replies)
... Hi, again. Please do NOT worry about wasting anyone's time here... seriously! I'm so sorry you're in "wait & watch" mode, but please know that we understand that conundrum, truly we do. Here's hoping for clarity soon. Keep pressing, OK? All my best wishes, Vee (6 replies)
... Thanks, Veej. It's hard to wait when I know there is something going on, but not what. I feel if I come here and it turns out to not be Lupus, I've wasted everyone's time, you know? I feel pretty good today, but I'm taking the kids to the pool, something that's putting me in an anxiety attack, but my son hasn't seen his best friend since the end of school and I coated... (6 replies)
... No one else had a borderline ANA bloodtest? (6 replies)
Test results
May 23, 2009
... The dr did mention raynauds, But wanted to do blood work because alot of my joints are achy and soar, for no apparent reason. ... (7 replies)
Test results
May 20, 2009
... altho blood work can vary ... so it is never exclusively definitive. ... (7 replies)
New lab results
Jun 17, 2008
... Hi everyone. My doctor repeated all my blood work and all came back positive again but my ana was higher last one was spec. 140 this time it was spec. 180. Does this mean that my lupus is getting worse? ... (3 replies)

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