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I'm miserable..
Jan 18, 2011
... and he sent me to a rhematologist. He diagnosed me with mild Lupus and said my blood work would likely show it later on, I was treated with 100mg of plaquenil daily. ... (22 replies)
... Patient needs blood work for thyroid. ... (8 replies)
Dr. suspects Lupus
Sep 24, 2012
... iced the "brain fog" is atrocious. I'm 32, so it makes me feel crazy. I've had my thryoid checked 3 times, with nothing there and also CBC and the other standard blood work. ... (0 replies)

... some blood work and she did a physical exam on me. She told me from my lab results that she suspected that i may have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Rheumatoid Arthritis. She told me i'd get the blood test results in about a week. ... (3 replies)
... and just wanted to post some lab results from May blood tests... AND to MAMU, your case is esp. ... (10 replies)
... My family doctor did some blood work In April of 2015 RF factor and ANA and they came back negative. Because of my symptoms he referred me to a Rheumy. ... (1 replies)
... lupus. Sent me for blood work...and sure enough! I had lupus.. ... (27 replies)
... Thanks Vee. I am going to Philly to see the Rheumy up there. Because my latest blood work came back with some odd results they ran more tests and I'm a little preoccupied with it right now. I had protein in my blood and after narrowing it down they ordered a SPEP test. ... (7 replies)
... I finally heard from my dr. today. Latest blood work is the same as previous, low rbc, low hgb, high mcv, low mchc, low rdw. ... (0 replies)
... I am glad to hear that you are diagnosed, although I can understand that the results were a blur!! It probably came as a shock to you!! I am a procrastinator too when it comes to dealing with my Lupus and the rest of my diseases. ... (9 replies)
... You can by all means have normal bloodwork because the disorder itself may not have developed enough. Plus, blood tests can sometimes be inaccurate so it is best to actually have constant blood tests done just to keep an eye on it. ... (4 replies)
... O much emphasis on the ANA test.. in reality it is only one of MANY tests and often it can be very unreliable. The fact that you have LOTS of Lupus symptoms and blood work abnormalities should have led one Rheumatologist down the road to a diagnosis! ... (8 replies)
... and digital pictures of nodules. She is at a teaching hospital and had an intern come in ask the baisc questions and look over the results and then present them to her. ... (3 replies)
Jul 6, 2013
... after all that freakin out I was doing I get to my doc appt only to find out the doctor called out!!! So I told the head NP that I was only there to get my test results and my depo. So she agreed to do that, she grabbed my chart only to find out my results werent in yet!!! ... (76 replies)
Jul 1, 2013
... Thank you so much for your reply Veej. Let's see where do I begin, well the doc did a full blood work up. All the results were normal except the ANA and the urine test. There was no uti, kindney infection or kidney stones. ... (76 replies)
... About a year ago I started getting strange cramping in my abdominal region , didn't think much of it until it became bad enough that I would keel over at work and have to go sit down from the pain. After a few visits to the walk in clinic I was prescribed anti acids being told it was heartburn. ... (0 replies)
... After 6 months of blood testing, and then subsequent blood tests on my husband and myself, my son was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. ... (15 replies)
... ines, so he increased my dosage to twice a day to help with the symptoms. I felt better within an hour of increasing the dose, but that didn't last. I checked my blood pressure with a home machine because of the increase in beta blocker and found my blood pressure was elevated off and on throughout the day. ... (121 replies)
... that don't have the blood work for Lupus. I only had the blood work once and I probably wont ever have it again! My concern is this with you. Have they tested you for Antiphospholipid Syndrome? ... (4 replies)
... My daughters symptoms began last year around with random forgetfulness. Her forgetfulness became so bad that I had her evaluated. The results of the testing showed that my daughter has developed a memory problem. She now has an individual education plan. ... (2 replies)

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