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... No protein or anything in Urine but my blood protein was borderline high. My kidney and liver tests were fine. I have no rashes just achy all over, digestive problems and weight loss. ... (6 replies)
... I applied and got disability the first time; I was truly lucky!! I think the key was I gathered ALL of my medical records since 1987 all the way back to Stanford University. So I had a lot of medical documentation to prove my illness. You also want to be sure to go to the Social Security website and check out the "Blue Book" it contains all of the criteria they look at to... (5 replies)
... and coton clothes. The only reason I think about lupus is that is what the first doc said I had. I have read a lot about rosacea and it does sound like me. ... (19 replies)

... So this is leading me to beleive that perhaps there is something like Hashimoto's thyroid disease going on instead of Lupus. But my main question here is, can Lupus affect the thyroid? ... (10 replies)
Oct 14, 2004
... almost entirely and he said to me, you don't look like your sick so based on whats in your medical records and you looking well today I think that you don't have Lupus or MCTD. These are probably just a result of you getting older and a coincidence of just life. I am in the military, exercise daily and I am 35 yrs old. ... (6 replies)
... conditions, of course, but lupus seems to present a unique challenge. ... (3 replies)
... I am now back from my trip to the International Lupus Conference in NYC and I am ready to start answering questions. I am overwhelmed with the number of questions.. ... (22 replies)
... It would be a good idea to see a Rheumatologist ASAP. Especially because of your positive blood work and symptoms. The positive RF can go with Lupus also! I really think that there is concern about Lupus. ... (2 replies)
In limbo
Nov 22, 2002
... You sound alot like me. I have alot of your symptoms, but no problem with my hair falling out yet. I to am lowerside or borderline ana. No animia. Afer I went to the rhem. he has decided lupus because of the continuing of symptoms. I have recently been going to a gastrologist. ... (2 replies)
... arted with a rash, swelling joints and fever. I was dx with the parvo virus. That was almost a year. Blood work borderline. Now my doctor says he thinks it is lupus and has added a lupus med. I get a rash that iches alot. Some times my head iches, but you can not see anything. ... (7 replies)
... I believe I posted in another thread of yours, so I won't repeat all I said before but I did want to mention asking for a CK muscle enzyme test when you feel you are having a flare of muscle weakness. There are different types of myositis and that is the best screening blood test for it. Just another piece of puzzle to fill in. (15 replies)
... My dr mentioned lupus but didn't give much information to me, wanted me to see specialist. ... (15 replies)
... such irregularity can happen in the AI's, I learned later. I also was borderline anorexic at times, just lost my appetite completely for weeks on end, not deliberately or consciously. ... (3 replies)
... he seemed to suggest that any autoimmune diseases in the family and my own UC would contribute to me having lupus "autoimmune diseases tend to stick together". ... (21 replies)
... Zoe, low lymphocytes are a classic sign of lupus, and I don't think the hematologist will be able to differentiate it from drug induced low lymphocytes. The anti-CCP would be a helpful test to get done if the RA factor still comes back borderline. I am wondering, though, why they have you on a lower dose of Placquenil than usual, which is 200 mg twice a day. I wonder how you... (21 replies)
... I would see a rheum now. 55 on a ds DNA test is more than borderline, and your lab uses a high cut-off for + results (many labs use 10-20). In light of that and the other criteria you mentioned, I would pursue it, as a podiatrist is not a specialist for lupus, and you deserve to have that looked into. Kudos to the podiatrist for ordering this test if he saw something or heard... (6 replies)
... Just to make things more confusing :(, my lab considers >10 ds DNA antibodies borderline +, so it is all in the interpretation. Perhaps you can check your lab sheet, but the bottom line, is how your rheum views that. Regardless, those antibodies need NOT be + for a diagnosis of lupus IF you meet other criteria, generally 4/11 listed on the ACR criteria for classification.... (3 replies)
... Other antibodies were negative. My thyroid is borderline overactive. D, B12, Ferritin are fine. White blood cells are low. ... (7 replies)
Hello new here
Oct 30, 2012
... The walk in doctor said she suspects lupus...I am waiting for a call back for a rhumotologist. is that borderline on the tsh ? ... (1 replies)
... is positive, but considered borderline pos by many. It can still be meaningful given the symptoms that go with it. ... (3 replies)

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