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What do you think?
Mar 14, 2012
... Pambyboo, much as I hate to say this, might it pay to stick with your rheumatologist? Because despite his sometimes dismissive manner and comments, at least he's taking you seriously, treating and monitoring you. Another way to view this: might a new doctor "undiagnose" you? Discontinue all meds? Send you packing? Do you know WHY your rheumatologist wants to... (1 replies)
... Thanks, Vee, for your information. Actually, I am a librarian ;) but the Wallace and other books are checked out right now at work. My mother owns the Wallace and refers to it frequently. However, I don't want to ask her anything as she will become concerned - she is, as she calls herself, a "lupus nightmare" so her greatest hope has always been that none of us kids ever had... (2 replies)
... Protein Electrophoresis all borderline low on 8 tests but fall into low end normal.... So have to be repeated in 3 to 6 months. ... (6 replies)

... I am confused by the smith test, now the ANA checks for smith antibodies, but I don't know what the smith test is. I even looked it up and cannot find it. My RNP antibodies on an ANA test or even just a RNP blood test does not show as negative, equivocal, positive, the only antigen that shows that is Anti-DNA. The RNP shows a reference range of 0.0 - 0.9. You probably had the... (9 replies)
Touching Base
Oct 19, 2009
... the criteria list. In which I have majoroity of them he asked about. He ran the general 8 tubes of blood to test. That came back ok. He siad I am Borderline SLE. I had a GP appt who sent me to a Rhumie.... WHo said nothing I can do for you.. ... (10 replies)
... ne...he had me try Plaquenil just to see if I got any relief...I didn't at the time. That may be why she's on see if it helps and that would confirm the Lupus diagnosis. He's young, funny, cute and brilliant! I saw him for 20 years until he stopped taking insurance. ... (14 replies)
... I am new to the board and have mixed connective tissue disease with lupus and scleroderma, and very vasculitic in nature. I saw the post from Shirlg and was so happy to find someone who actually has the same antibody that I had. ... (0 replies)
... I just started on Plaquenil on Thursday after months and months of putting it off. I have a positive ANA and SSA but no definite symptoms of Lupus (rashes, joint pain, mouth ulcers, etc) just muscle pain and fatigue. Anyhow, Rheumy is retesting several antibodies to see if anything has changed and suggested I go on Plaquenil and see if I get any relief. She says I have all... (3 replies)
... A female with paternal aunt who has lupus and a mother who has a history of rheumatic fever and possible rheumatoid arthritis further increases my risk for an autoimmune disease. ... (8 replies)
... I am having such a terrible time right now, my blood work is not completley positive for lupus, it is borderline positive. ... (24 replies)
Cry for help
Nov 2, 2006
... can lyme cause srtoke like things? i kepp having them but no one can figure it. i had one tonight am at my wits end. i was on antiobiotics for a kidney infection simce i stopped them i feel crappy again with more neuro problems im so scared i need help i have seizures too originally they thought it was lupus. i tested positive to bb.henselae just borderline not enough to... (19 replies)
Jul 13, 2006
... fo. She was in the house just sitting around and she had it. Even this morning she still has it. But not very dark. But enough so you can tell it's there. She is borderline anemic. I emailed her GI dr and he said I should have her pediatrician take a look at it. ... (23 replies)
Jul 12, 2006
... for celiac disease a few weeks ago. She is having the biospy this coming monday. My question is, Is lupus an auto immune disorder also? ... (23 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. Well this morning's appt went well. My internist I could swear is borderline OC so in his field that is probably a good thing! ... (3 replies)
New on the board
Aug 31, 2005
... hi, i also am new to this site, i am 36 and have been recently been undergoing treatment for what my GP and the referred Rheumy have said to be SLE, by my ANA and other blood work results, however, my rheumy is still not convinced that is what i have. he says that the levels are "borderline" and does not want to treat any more aggressively with chemotherapeutics just yet. so i... (17 replies)
Soooo frustrating!
Aug 11, 2005
... o my symptoms. I finally went back to an older family doctor and he ran more extensive bloodwork. Most of the bloodwork did look good, but several tests showed borderline results on the high side... ... (0 replies)
... My husband, who is currently very ill with neuropsychiatric SLE, has had a few positive ANA's, a borderline ANA, and the most recent one when he was the sickest was negative. ... (7 replies)
So much pain
May 24, 2005
... this was my original post, just to let you know that they don't even know for sure what is wrong with me. My name is Barbie and i'm 23years old. I hope this is the right board. Please forgive me if it isn't. I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help me. I have been having some very strange symptoms that at first were believed to be cardiac related and now they are... (3 replies)
Sun sensitivity?
Apr 28, 2005
... I have had the same problem for about 3 years now, only it seems to be getting worse and hanging around much longer than before. It only takes going out in the sun for about 5-10 minutes. It usually doesn't show up right away after sun exposure, but a few hours after going indoors. It gets itchy too. I have also noticed that when I am in the shower and it is fairly warm... (11 replies)
? for those dx'ed
Apr 22, 2005
... ains and left side numbness years before. My anti cardiolipids came back positive once, but anti phospholipis were neg. They neglected to do LA tests. ANA was borderline and sed rate high. The rest of the results Were neg except low Vit B12 and pos. MTHFR DNA. ... (5 replies)

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